How to Irreversibly Transform Your Business For the Better!

How to Irreversibly Transform Your Business For the Better!

When I first started my business 12 years ago, it was not common to be an entrepeneur.  Especially not in my field.  It was however very common to walk the tight rope line of working for someone as an employee for your entire life until retirement.

Now, however, more and more people are stepping out into businesses of their own.  You can see it in all of the multi level and network marketing companies that now exist.

And the trend is going to continue upward.  More and more people are diving in to being able to do what they love, what they have skills and passion for, and earn a reasonable income with time to spare. 

Personal growth has become not only important, but necessary.  You can see some of these others that have had great impact on the world by first growing themselves.  Watch and get inspired with the following videos....  

"The Greatest Entrepeneurs Overcome Massive Struggle":

"How Successful People Think" :

"The Billionaire Mindset" :


Whether you want to become a billionaire isn't really the point, but I'll bet you would love to love your job and your life more.  I bet you would love to have more time to spend doing the things you love.  I do a lot of business coaching, using my success with Natural Health, Nutritional Psychology, Concept Pathology, Online Entrepeneurship, Authoring and Speaking to share with others so that they too may be successful and create a life they love!

I just happen to have a lot of clients that consult with me to help develop and set up their natural health careers.  If you happen to be a "Next Generation of Healers", you might find this product incredibly useful:  "Legal Steps to Starting Your Natural Health Business".  It contains all the links you need for a business in Minnesota.  Even if you don't live in Minnesota, it will be helpful to follow the steps for your particular state. 

I coach people all around the world with a program I call "T-I-O-N"!  It's the creaTION and ideaTION, productizaTION, and monetizaTION of your idea.  Even if you think you don't have an idea, but you have a desire to be an entrepeneur, you can get help pulling those powerful million dollar business ideas out of you!  Let me help you!  Just follow the link to get started.

Happy envisioning!

Amanda Soulvay

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