Cabin Fever - Little Falls, MN

Cabin Fever - Little Falls, MN

I hate to say it, but if you're looking for a nice restaurant to accommodate your dietary considerations, you may night find what you are looking for on Cabin Fever's menu.  HOWEVER, that shouldn't stop you from seeing if there is something that can work out for you, especially because there are not a lot of dining options in the area, and certainly not sit down fancy ones.

In fact, the part they did the BEST during our meal was be accommodating.  With a full kitchen and not an intention of rush order cookie cutter entrees, we found it to be not a problem at all to adapt to my desires.

If you are entirely grain free or even gluten free, you'll be pretty limited, and  a side salad or a Cranberry almond salad (without the dressing or chicken) are going to be pretty much the only options.   

If you are vegetarian, keep in mind, they are a SUPPER CLUB and their fancy entrees pretty much involve meat.  Of course, there are pastas, but that's going to be difficult for the gluten/grain free diners.

Keep in mind, however, no restaurant is required to develop a menu with the health conscious, or dietary restricted, so they really cannot be judged on their provided options.  Like I said, from the MENU, the task looks daunting, however, they were entirely willing to accommodate what I was looking for, with a smile and without making it seem a problem.  However, you are going to have to ask, so be aware that you are going to have to help them "make it your way".  If you don't like to stand out, "be a burden", or draw attention, probably not the place for you.

I know, as a dietary adapter, you can definitely feel "un special" at normal restaurants.  You know, they present the beautiful basket with warm breads and butter....and you can't eat it.  And they have the decadent desserts....not even close.  And tasty cheezy oozy saucy creations....not touching it.  It's tough to feel like you are being catered to at these restaurants, and because their menus will typically not promote the food we eat, all they really have left is their "bedside manner".  If they can be accommodating, it can still turn out to be a great experience.  

Here's what we came up with for my meal.  There is a chicken teriyaki entree.  It sounded funny, but I ordered it...minus the chicken and the teriyaki (which has wheat in it), which left us with wild rice, onions, peppers, pea pods and broccoli.  I ordered a side salad as well.

I will tell you it was plenty of food !  Not a lot of protein options outside the meat options, so still needed to supplement once we left, but it was delicious.  They sauteed it, and it wasn't dripping oily and it was very flavorful.  They tossed some sesame seeds and presented it prettily, and it certainly didn't feel like I was accepting a "second best" meal.    

In a pinch, you can definitely  find something for you at Cabin Fever.  If you are a meat eater, you will certainly find plenty of options.  If you eat a vegetarian gluten free, this will be a tough one.

Just ask, based on our experience, I am sure they will be more than happy to help you adjust your meal plan.


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