10 Ways to Know You're Here to Change the World

f you were drawn to this article, there's a very good chance it is because you are questioning the meaning of your life and searching for the way you will cause a ripple of change, or even if that exists for you. We want to know that our lives spent here have put a dent in life and made a difference somewhere,somehow.
Don't worry, there are some very good ways to tell if you are here to change the world, as expressed in the list below. Keep in mind the list is not exhaustive, but I'm sure that if you are meant to create change you will feel a similar vibration as the characteristics below suggest.

* You have a problem with the public school system, or systems in general. You don't even know what that problem is, you just know that there's a better way. Even if you did well in school, it just means that you knew how to be pleasing and tow the line. That doesn't mean you believe it was the best form of education, but you didn't want to get in trouble or rock the boat for going against the norm.

*You like thinking outside the box or "reinventing the wheel". You always like to search for a better way, and even if someone has come up with the perfect answer, you like the challenge of it. Sometimes the next great business is just a tweak off of the last great idea.

*You like alone time. Game changers need a lot of time in their head. This doesn't mean you don't like to be social, or have friends, it's just that there are a lot of ideas in there that need processing. The trick is to decipher which are mind play and keeping you in a state of confusion and away from your purpose, and which are nuggets of gold that are leading you to your gold mine life.

* You're an idealist. People that are game changers typically have an ideal way of doing things, or they like to look for ways they can be more efficient, the ways things "should" be, or ways to improve the process. These are not tedious judgmental people, they just have an innate desire for order and efficiency in ways that can improve life for everyone.

* Your book shelf is full of self help books, and/or you are likely to attend conferences like these. Game changers are seekers, always looking for answers and ways to improve. They will typically be drawn to the doorways of higher learning.

* The exact opposite can be true. Game changers often can have such a hard time living in conventional "Normal" world that they have a hard time just co-existing and can be in and out of trouble, never seeming able to fit in, or lose themselves in addiction.

* You're not okay with status quo. There's an inner drive that knows that "there's something better than this".

* You have a passion for purpose and it's on your mind often, or you're so frustrated with not having the answers that you've thrown yourself over to the other side into despair and a feeling of hopelessness of ever knowing the meaning of your own life. Victor Frankl stated in his popular book, "Man's Search for Meaning" that the difference between those that suffered and died in the concentration camps amongst him and those that survived was the ability to see meaning, purpose for their life, and a future.

* You don't work well in the typical construct of 8-5 punch a clock, work under the boss. People that are here to create major change have a natural inclination to go against the norms. In the work arena, they find it pointless to just put in the hours and they don't see the purpose behind the work they do just to keep the cogs in motion. It's not that they have a problem with direction or authority figures, it's that they know that there is more to be done and they feel being obligated to a time clock is preventing them from doing it.

* You're here. That's right. Spirit/God doesn't make mistakes, and he doesn't use energy willy nilly. The simple fact that you are here goes to show that you serve a purpose. You may not see how or why, but the fact that you are living and breathing means you're not done yet. Keep working, mixing different ingredients, until you find the right blend that makes you feel like you, makes you feel happy, and makes you KNOW that you serve a wonderful purpose.
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