3 Ways to Identify Your Subliminal Thought Programming

3 Ways to Identify Your Subliminal Thought Programming

Concept Awareness

In many different theories, it has long since been acknowledged that the mind patterning has a lot to say about the outcomes of a person's life, of the manifestations of their health, or unhealth, of the level of success and enterprise they experience, and more.  Once you awaken to the idea that you do indeed have subliminal messages detailed in the mind and programmed into the action of each cell of the body, you become aware of how very much you can influence your own life by understanding and becoming aware of the subliminal programming that has been choosing your actions up to this point.

In my work, I help people to identify the cellular programming that has helped to manifest the conditions of their illness and determine new patterning and programming of the cells; new messages to give them to play out.  I teach them how to do this by becoming aware of their harbored concepts, the subliminal messages they are constantly (and unknowingly) telling themselves, how that can be affecting their wellness, and how to create new patterns of health.  These new patterns may come through nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes, new understanding of foods and nutrients, therapies, concept awareness and imaging,  identifying trauma induced concepts and the beliefs that created, and more.  

If you are new to concept work, you may find the "Beginning Concepting" kit useful for you to get started.

Conceptology is all about getting to know yourself very well, and choosing which parts you are keeping and which parts you are growing from and letting go of.  

Once people realize they have concepts they have been programmed into following, the first question is:  How to I become aware of what concepts are influencing my life?

So here's a quick list to get you started:

1.  Look around at your life.  Describe what you see playing out.  What would you say about it?  Start talking out loud and see what you are saying to yourself on a daily basis.  We don't understand the constant stream of judgments we are making in our minds without even realizing it until we pay attention.  

2.  Take a day and decide to be very aware of everything you think and everything you say.  Keep a notebook handy if needed.  After every thought or statement, add "If that's my concept.".  You'll start opening up to the idea that everything IS a decision, and that  there is no right or wrong, good or bad, just the truth of what you believe, which is changeable. 

3.  Determine to notice what OTHERS say.  Don't label it as "positive" or "negative"  but recognize they are the concepts they carry by saying "If that's your concept" to yourself in your head, after they speak.  You will start to become aware of the common concepts carried and how the concepts may be playing out in that person's life.


As a free gift for you today, download the worksheet "As a Baby Concept Discovery Exercise"  This is a more practiced and thoughtful exercise that starts with the premise that you had all good things in you at birth.    Let's assume you didn't have any skewed thoughts, or faulty concepts.  If you, as a baby, lived only off of reflex and physical need, something at some point changed the positive attributes that come with a faulty concept free life.  As the worksheet suggests, you will look at when this changed.  You will identify what you're feeling NOW, and ask yourself when was the first time you remembered feeling a similar feeling.  From there, you  can look for the roots, the events, and what those events taught you(perhaps faultily) about yourself.  

This exercise is about identifying the "lies" and adjusting to a new truth.  


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