45 Second Workout to Shred Fat and Shape Muscle at any age ( I Love This)

45 Second Workout to Shred Fat and Shape Muscle at any age ( I Love This)

These are the programs I personally used to recover the use of my legs.   It's not a program intended for that, but it helped me get my body back.   I thought I would share:
Most people, especially as they age, have lost faith in their ability to burn off fat and get in shape.

They've given in to the idea that an unattractive body shape, poor muscle tone and a sluggish metabolism are inevitable... that their best days are behind them.

But NOTHING could be further from the truth -- your body has simply changed.

And doing what MAY have worked for you 10, 20, 30 years ago is simply NOT going to cut it today.

Instead, to get the results you want, you need a DIFFERENT approach... one that takes advantage of a recent breakthrough in exercise science that overcomes a poor functioning metabolism.

Most people try to start exercising more or harder, but that only makes a bad situation worse as your energy levels plummet, your appetite skyrockets and intense cravings set in.

Or perhaps they try one of those crazy "insane" infomercial workouts that assume you have the fitness level of a 20yr old -- putting you at risk for damaging your joints, pulling muscles or injuring your back.

Fortunately, emerging research is showing that an "intelligent" form of metabolic training is remarkably effective at combating frustrating fat gain, sagging muscles and a deteriorating body shape.

It also helps turn back the clock by saturating your cells with a cocktail of anti-aging bio-chemicals that get your blood sugar under control, optimize your cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lift mental performance and strengthen your heart and lungs.

And in today's article I'll show you exactly how you can do that -- PLUS how it can all be done in 45 seconds or less.  Really.

It all starts with these 3 powerful metabolic advantages that get real, VISIBLE results...fast.

Metabolic Advantage #1: 3-in-1 Training

If you do cardio (running, spinning, aerobics, etc.), yeah, you'll burn some fat, but you'll also burn A LOT of muscle, becoming "skinny fat" with saggy, droopy skin and flabby muscles.

Weight training can be good for building muscles -- but if not done correctly, not only will it NOT burn fat, but it'll make you look bulkier -- like putting on a sweater underneath a winter jacket.

Yoga is GREAT for nervous system coordination, flexibility and core strength, but it falls short when it comes to burning fat -- it's just not designed to do that.

What's the answer?  It's to combine the best of all 3 types of training into a single, ultra-short session that torches fat, tones muscles and that's safe for anybody to do at any age -- exactly what intelligent metabolic training does. 

Metabolic Advantage #2: An Expanded Fat Burning Window

Another major problem of conventional workouts is their focus on burning fat DURING the workout.

That's a HUGE mistake that only damages your metabolism further and robs you of your full fat loss potential.

The key is to trigger your body to burn as much fat as possible AFTER your workout -- exactly what intelligent metabolic training does.

A study conducted in 2008 publish in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning showed that compared to regular workouts, a metabolically intelligent workout can burn up to 10 times MORE fat.

It does this by releasing a tidal wave of special metabolic molecules DURING the workout that send a powerful "adaptation" signal to your body to boost metabolism, burn fat and cool inflammation AFTER the workout.

Your body then scrambles to replenish the intramuscular raw materials it burned up DURING the workout in a process that burns fat calories for 2-3 days AFTER the workout.

And guess where it gets the raw materials to replenish those resources?

Thankfully, straight from the extra padding that's parked on your belly, hips, thighs and butt.

Metabolic Advantage #3: Permanently Upgrade Fat Burning

Wish you could be burning fat all the time, regardless of what you're doing?

Intelligent metabolic training does this with advantage #3, which sets off a process known as mitochondrial biogenesis -- a fancy term for building new energy-producing power plants.

Since those power plants are mostly inside muscles, your muscles improve -- getting more toned and tighter -- dramatically improving your body shape.

In fact, that same 2008 study also showed that those doing the metabolically intelligent workouts improved muscle shape by 82.2% vs. the regular workout.

And thanks to all of those new fat burning mitochondria you burn more fat calories while at rest, making you a better fat burner -- not just 2-3 days after your workout, but ALL OF THE TIME!

When you're sitting on the couch watching TV, sleeping at night or working at your desk, your body is burning up generally a higher level of fat than it was before.

How You Can Do Intelligent Metabolic Training at Home

Intelligent metabolic training is something that anybody can do at home, regardless of their age, fitness level or physical condition -- NO equipment needed, just body weight.

In fact studies have shown that the older and more out of shape one is (including those with type 2 diabetes and heart disease) the more of a benefit they experience.

Plus, unlike nearly every other workout around, you are SUPPOSED to rest as much as you need to.

Sounds crazy, but resting enough is what allows you to up the intensity enough to trigger the release of those metabolic molecules that cause the post-workout fat loss and mitochondria-building.

It's also the key to unleashing that tidal wave of anti-aging bio-chemicals that give you a makeover from the inside out...making you look and feel 10-20 years younger.

Most people totally screw up this rest part -- they try to work out as hard as they can, for as LONG as they can, which just damages metabolism, accelerates aging and zaps energy.

More isn't better -- BETTER is better -- and that's exactly what this intelligent type of metabolic training does, which is technically called Metabolic Rest Training or MRT for short.

You can read much more about MRT here on the next page.

The best part about MRT is that the exercises are SUPER short -- only 45 seconds.

And it works fast -- in just a few sessions you'll start seeing the inches come off, feeling the surge in energy and loving the fact that you've gotten back into the swing of things, enjoying life again.

==> 45 Second Exercise Strips Fat and Tones Muscle at ANY Age...

Healthy Regards,
DrFoodie P.S. This "intelligent" metabolic training was developed and perfected by a brilliant exercise physiologist out of North Carolina, who has conducted over 10,000 workouts with clients over the last 25 years. He tried it all, but ultimately found this to hands down produce the best results for clients -- both women and men -- of all ages. You can read more about this remarkable technique here.

Full Disclosure:
I am an affiliate with the Natural Health Sherpa. I submitted information to assist their efforts in writing "Metabolic Renewal" and fully believe in these metabolic workouts. I MAY receive benefits from my inclusion. I obviously believe in the program or I would not be an affiliate, contribute from my own knowledge base, or refer this program to you. It IS up to you to discuss this or any new wellness program with your provider.
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