Alan Alda Reports Parkinson's Diagnosis - 10 Tips

Alan Alda Reports Parkinson's Diagnosis - 10 Tips

I remember growing up with my parents watching "Mash" on tv.  In fact, it was so popular amongst their friend group that they had a yearly "Mash" party where they all dressed up like their favorite characters.  There were quite a few wanna be Alan Aldas in the group.  But it was fun as a kid to see adults being silly, goofy, and having fun with something that was iconic of their time. 

Recently reported is Alan Alda's diagnosis of Parkinson's, which is a degenerative neurological condition if you haven't done the research.  Other celebs reported to have Parkinson's include Michael J. Fox, Robin Williams, Neil Diamond, Charles Schultz( the Snoopy cartoonist), and Muhammad Ali.

This of course isn't an article about curing Parkinson's but I am in love with the understanding of food and cellular biology and so it is another example of how food, when understood, works in our favor and can have a major impact on the outcome of our healthy life. 

1.  Toxins are HUGELY a problem in our current environment.  Detox your food, your home, and your work spaces to avoid toxic chemicals, (even if they SAY they are ok you better check into it)

2.  Avoid heavy metals.  Copper pans are all the rage right now, and I beg to differ.  Not only do we want to avoid copper, which can thwart estrogen balance, but as with other pans can unintentionally deliver toxic doses of metals into our systems.  Worse yet, we are not eating enough raw fruits and vegetables to counteract all of the cooked and enzyme reduced foods we currently eat. 

3.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Especially RAW.  If you can't tolerate raw, might want to check into our Gut Health and IBS Bowel Health programs.   Fruits and vegetables, greens and herbs serve the Eliminative Function, but you need 2 to every protein and/or congestor food!  You can check out all of the functions with our Food Fx Chart so you can properly balance your meals.

4.  Make sure to get proper mineral balance.  If you ate fruits and veg, chances are good you would probably get enough, but most of us don't.  Leave the peelings on, just wash them well.

5.  Many experts advise on getting enough B vitamins, however I would caution you to make sure you are not only getting enough, but that your body is USING IT APPROPRIATELY!  It's absolutely imperative to understand the metabolic pathways and eliminative function of the body to make sure your nutrients are helping and not hindering. 

6.  Eat good fats!  For too long fats have been seen as "bad" and meant to be avoided.  In the advent of attempts at better cardiovascular health and the resultant message that "fat is bad", we have starved our nerves of the protective myelin sheath.  We wonder why we have neurological disorders?

7.  Get proper protein intake.  This sometimes means to LIMIT protein.  Did I say that right?  Yes, human bodies receive way too much proteins, especially animal proteins.  While protein is necessary for building the body, there are a multitude of healthy protein options.  When eaten in balance with the other functional foods the body has a better chance of fueling itself efficiently. 

8.  Learn about Functional Nourishment.  We have a ton of information on  Things like 7D Nourishment,and our Reset 30 Day Toolkit can get you started. Also, here are some ideas on functional foods

9.  Learn the truths of food and diet!  Flush your brain of all biased "knowledge" and use what makes sense!  The body is meant to FUNCTION (have actions), and real food is meant to be FUEL for those functions to happen.  That's it!  Learn the simplicity of it.  I fully believe ANYONE can improve any stage of their life just by eating better.  Get our bestselling book on Functional Nourishment and Boldly Creating Health Freedom in the body:  Clean Your Plate available now!

10.  Get help, you're not alone! Take your health to the next level with us!

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