Are You a Worry Wart?

“Worry, like fear, will disorganize the whole being - body, mind, and soul. Most people who are ill are the victims of worry. Even if their illness is not a direct outcome of worry, this destructive force is still associated with the condition in some form or degree.
Worry is responsible for more disease than all the germs that exist on the face of the earth. Almost everyone suffers from it in some form or other. Few of us ever realize just what harm we do when we allow our minds to indulge in this most destructive emotion.”

This is an excerpt from the chapter on Worry from “Rays of the Dawn” by Dr. Thurman Fleet, my favorite source book on living a life through the Laws of the Soul. You can find your own copy here.

Dr. Fleet goes on in his book to say, “The type of doctor the entire world needs is one whose treatment coordinates the body, the mind, and the soul so that all three work together harmoniously. To cure John (the case whose story this was about), the doctor must find the real cause - worry - and eliminate it from John’s mind, thereby restoring the mind to normal. Then the doctor must treat John’s body for the physical condition the mind caused. When all this has been accomplished, John will be well.”

Through my own personal experience and in work with my clients, I can personally attest that “most people who are ill are the victims of worry”. This is why I do Concept Pathology with everyone that is willing when they come for their concerns over physical manifestations. I can think of no real case where there has not been a central core of faulty concepts and/or emotions that came along with the physical manifestation.

Like fear and anger, worry is innately given as a tool for defense and protection to keep us safe. They are meant to be used as a central “alert system” to warn us of danger that threatens us either physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. The threat, however, is often missed and the emotion or belief is what is paid attention to, which brings along with it the belief that there is something physically wrong and we act on EMOTION.
The key to handling this cycle is to first determine the cause that the alarm system set off. Then we look at the cause and determine “Is it real? True? Is it really true?” Next, you use the powers Nature endowed you with: wisdom, intellect, instinct, willpower, and reason, to see if you can solve, overcome, or eliminate the source of the worry or fear. If you cannot at this time overcome or solve the situation, you must adapt (because we cannot control people or situations). Then you live in the present, working in each moment to make decisions towards what your desired outcome is, living as if it is already happening. This will affect your future and ultimately work your way through the situation the worry brought.
To get tied up in the emotion of worry itself is a faulty use of the tool it was meant to be. We simply aren’t cavemen running from the bear anymore, where these alert systems are useful. However our bodies, minds, and hearts may be enduring situations where we feel as though we are. This causes all sorts of stress responses in the body, manifesting into health conditions.
What we bring to an experience is more important than what IT brings to US. Which is basically another way of saying how we choose to handle it is what matters.

For more information, I would highly recommend securing a copy of “Rays of the Dawn” yourself.
For guidebooks to help you work through the situations in your own life, I would recommend my books “I AM Success” and “The Success Conditioning Work It Out Book”, all available on Amazon.
For more learning on Concept Pathology and how it affects your health, or what concepts you may be carrying that are affecting your health, and to learn the technique that allows you to clear your concepts, obtain a copy of my book “The Healed, the Healer, and the Healing”.

Update on Consultations: My client load is currently full, however, I do have phone consultations available for working through Concept Pathology. Reach out by emailing me at

I'm curious: what situations have arisen that have brought worry? How did you handle it? What was effective for you? What are your thoughts on Concept Pathology and it's effects on health? Share that the world may heal!
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