Capturing Your Personal Avatar

Capturing Your Personal Avatar

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To be successful with ANY role in ANY area of your life, the most important factor is that you have a good grasp on  WHO you are and that you DON'T FORGET IT!

This sounds easy enough but can be an overlooked step, especially if you are one who tends to give of themselves until their own teacup is empty, forgetting to refill it along the way.  This is especially for those who tend to give their all to everyone else.

Keep in mind there is a BIG difference in selfishness vs self respect.  Selfishness is putting your WANTS before someone's NEEDS.  Self Respect is putting your own NEEDS before someone else's wants.

As caregivers, as caring loving compassionate people it's easy to forget this and end up a puddle on the floor, overwhelmed and overburdened, and completely bound up.  You might definitely want to check into the UnBound book and conference for more help with this!

To feel like you are living the person you want to be in each role of your life it's important to know who that person is.  Then, you live, breathe, move, talk, and act from that image.  Which is why we do this exercise called your "Personal Avatar".  It's the image of who you see yourself to be.  

If you are constantly only giving to the needs and wants of others, what you have to offer the world can very quickly be misconstrued and forgotten because all of your time, effort, and energy is taken up, leaving no time to fulfill your greatest purposes.   If you represent yourself inaccurately in order to take care of others' WANTS,  sooner or later that very person with whom you have created the desired relationship will discover that you misrepresented yourself, and one or both of you end up feeling bad.  

The best thing you can do is honor yourself for who you really are.  This is what will show true to others and ultimately bring you the happiness you are looking for.

If you are newly out of a relationship, or a transition, or a new job, this is an important exercise to complete as you discover who you are outside of that role and where you are going from here, so be sure to re-visit this exercise repeatedly throughout your life. 

It's time to be very clear with yourself and write an image of your self, to develop your persona, your character, your Personal Avatar. 

An image is the “movie” you are playing of yourself.  It is who you see yourself to be and hopefully who you are portraying to the world.  

If you want people to be in love and connected with you, you best be in love and connected with yourself.


Use the following prompt questions to help you write a complete image on who you see yourself to be and what is true for you.  Write, use words, draw pictures, paste pictures, whatever you need to do to get a good image of who this person is, exactly.  Remember to answer these questions according to who you WANT to become (and are already in the process of whether you realize it or not) 

The Questions:

  1. This is how I see myself as a person
  2. These are the things I like to do
  3. If I had an hour to myself this is what I would be doing
  4. I want people to think this of me...
  5. People say I am…
  6. I am proud of…
  7. These are the things I am good at.....
  8. These are the groups I want to be part of....
  9. My friends say I am
  10. When I was a child I enjoyed
  11. This is how I spend my day
  12. The kind of work I do
  13. The kind of work I enjoy
  14. This is how I see myself looking like. 
  15. This is how I like to dress...
  16. This is what people think of me
  17. These are my skills, and talents, and characteristics…
  18. I am…
  19. I believe….
  20. I like to sleep like this, eat like this, act like this...
  21. This is what time I like to wake up....Go to bed....
  22. These are activities that are absolutely important to me to do....
  23. How do I want to feel?
  24. How do I want to present myself to my team/colleagues/family?
  25. How do I want to be as a mom?
  26. How do I want to be as a wife?
  27. How do I want to  be as a (every role of your life)?
  28. Any other details about how you want to see yourself.


One you have created your Personal Avatar, you LIVE, BREATHE, ACT LIKE, TALK LIKE, REPRESENT YOURSELF LIKE  how this Personal Avatar would.

What can be the most helpful is that in each moment, look around and assess what role is being required of you.   Ask yourself the two questions every time you step into a new role throughout your day:

1.  What role am I in THIS moment?

2.  How do I want to perform this role? (How do I want to feel, and what do I want others to feel from me?)


Did you find this article helpful?  Please give us a review and help others!

 Let me know in the comments how this exercise worked for you!


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