Charlie Chaplin Knew Why We're Here

Charlie Chaplin Knew Why We're Here


" the course of which our inner light, which is our sympathy with others, shines up in us, purified and free... It is...important that this inner pure light should not shine for ourselves only, but for everyone who is seeking it.  the light of our sympathy should reach the most remote corners of existence, in order to show others they way leading out of suffering."  

And this is the reason I work.  This is why  I love what I do.  

Thank you Charlie Chaplin.  Credit:  The World's Greatest Speech"


It's time to find that Greatness Within,  It's time to BE that greatness within. Let nothing hold you back, let nothing win out over the good inside of you and the expansion of good out into the world.  In that way we are all healed. 

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