Depression is Not A Guru

Depression is Not A Guru

Depression is NOT Your Guru.

I am writing directly to those that are currently in struggle.  For those that want understanding of why they feel this way, AND who also don’t want it to stay this way.    Only read this when you’re ready.


If you are not currently in a struggle personally, you can read this to increase your understanding and learn so that when a person is ready, you can be encouraging in a correcting, forward action kind of way, LED BY US, instead of not understanding why we “can’t just be happy” and throwing new articles of self care at us.


I once heard that you can’t push a wet worm to get it to move forward.  I’d like to add that you can’t pull a wet worm either to get it to move forward, because either way, it was still a wet worm and you didn’t cause IT to do ANYTHING.  YOU MOVED IT and nothing has changed for the worm other than a new location with the same problem.  


What those that love us don’t want to hear is that depression really is an individual battle.  A battle that included a retraction from unity to a loneliness of separation due to a disturbance that pulled one away from the Self.    The true, healing journey back is an individual battle FROM separation. That does not mean we should deal with it “all by ourselves”, but the Surrounding Involved’s don’t know how to help, though they desperately want to.    Unfortunately, our loved ones can’t help by trying to pull us out of it or giving us a glimmer of hope to look forward to.  Because that again will fade, because we compare.  We compare ourselves to you, who don’t have it.  Sooner or later we are right back down in the abyss.    Until the one suffering gains hold of their power, AND let’s go of the idea that ANYTHING has power over them.  Both of these have to happen.  So for those that are ready.  Let’s deflate depression’s seeming power so you can see it really is not in charge.



Depression is not your guru.

 1.  We gave Depression its power.    We gave a group of symptoms a name, thus giving it power as a separate entity.   We titled and set it apart from ourselves, then labeled ourselves whether we “have it” or “don’t have it” as if it’s the chicken pox.  Denying the name does NOT deny that it IS what you are currently experiencing.  I just prefer to describe it a different way.  You are NOT depression, it is the state you currently find yourself.  Let’s not dramatize it, feather it, or flag it.  Truthfully, we are “currently not feeling inspired”.   I downplay it SPECIFICALLY.    NOT to take anything away from you ,to deny or not acknowledge what you are feeling, but in order to acknowledge YOU and YOU are not depression.  (See, part of depression is losing who you ARE, the way back is reminding you.)

 2.  Depression does not get to tell us what “it” is.  We do.   I use the words  “Currently not feeling inspired”  ON PURPOSE.  I use “Currently” so that you understand it need not be permanent.  “Feeling” so that you can separate your SELF from your EXPERIENCES.  Your experience and feelings have no power over you.  I use “Inspired” because it’s a positive word that is the opposite of depression, so that your body’s cells can “cue up” to a new definition and way of performing each and every time they hear it.  

 3.  Depression does not give you a place of belonging.  Depression is not your guru.  It does not give you a title of belonging.  Unbelievably, we the “currently uninspired” cling to our title and defend it as if it were the crown, signifying we were the Queen of England.  Because it gives us a place of belonging.  Depression is not your guru.  It does not give you a place of belonging.  It does not know where you belong.  

 4.  Depression has no power over you.  It can’t tell you what to do.  Another reason I don’t like to use the term “depression”.  Because we separated it out, gave it it’s own list of symptoms, we now have parameters for exactly how the body is supposed to act.  Every time you use the term, people instantly understand (the word anyway, not what it’s like) that you “have” something and they also know instantly what to expect from you.  And YOU know exactly how to act (something that previously was not common for you)

 5.  Depression cannot tell you what your future looks like.  If you claim the parameters, it can.  But if you don’t, the future is still yours, even if you don’t feel like working towards it today.  Claiming the name dictates a hopelessness now that you “have something” it seems to indicate that you can never get rid of it.   “Currently not feeling inspired” does not take away your future.

 6.  Depression does not get to tell you your value.  Because if you think about it, there IS no value with depression, right?  “Depression” is a validation of the worthlessness you FEEL but not ARE.  

 7.  Depression is not your map.  It cannot tell you where to go or what to do, because the only current definition of depression tells us we have to stay where we currently are.  “Currently not feeling inspired”  gives the subconscious mind the subliminal thought that it’s just for now, but tomorrow could be different.

 8.  Depression can not tell you what you can and can not have.  Like it or not, you still have the choice.  (The interesting thing it is often this option of choice that triggers depression.  Quite the Catch 22!)  The key is you don’t even have to “make a choice”.  Just start seeing depression as “currently not feeling inspired” because it has vibrations of hope.  The vibrations will work for you themselves until you are ready to take over the reins again.  Hope is the only thing throughout the course of history that has kept the human moving forward, defeating odds against their favor, time and time again.  “Depression” removes hope, but you have the say in that.

 9.  Depression does not get to define what you are capable of.  Depression gives you REASONS to not be the greatness you are.  Depression is not your guru.  It does not get to define what you can and can not do, who you can and cannot be.  Where you have previously felt insecure, or uncomfortable, or undefined, now is the time to find out who it is and what you stand for.  

10.  Depression does not give you bravery.  YOU give yourself bravery.  YOU live despite “currently not feeling inspired”.  Did you ever look up the definition of courage?  It’s being brave IN SPITE of fear.   It is the ability to  MOVE THROUGH IT not stay in it.

11.  Depression is no kind of advisor.  There are much better models, mentors, images to look after.



In the coming weeks, I’m going to give you  more Thought Overhauls, foods to eat, lifestyles to alter, and help for those who really want it.    I’m going to give you “facts” and Common Accepted Thoughts about depression.  I’m going to give you challenges so you can understand YOURSELF better.  I’m going to bring the focus to you for  PROGRESSIVE  FORWARD ACTION rather than bring focus to you because of “your disease”.  I’m going to give assistance to the “Surrounding Involved’s”, those that are handcuffed to depression, and strategies for those that work in support of helping people honor, support, and help move through those that are currently struggling.  


Depression is a struggle.  It is not a Guru.


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