Dr Jared Teta's New Workout Program is Ready - and it's JUST FOR WOMEN!

Dr Jared Teta's New Workout Program is Ready - and it's JUST FOR WOMEN!

This is so cool!

I love Dr. Jared Teta.  I have used his programs for a long time and recommended them multiple times in the past.  I love the thought, physiology, and completion behind his programs.  His exercise plans are well thought out and have worked with great results in everyone I've suggested them to!  Metabolic Prime was essential in helping me get my body back after wheelchair-dom.

I'm so excited for this new WOMEN ONLY program.  In fact, It's super cool, because when they were putting it together they asked for information to help build it.  I submitted info that women need different workouts and different meal plans during the various stages of their monthly cycles.  Apparently my thoughts were not alone because this makes up a large part of his program and it's so exciting.  

Did you know, in fact that studies did not need to include women's performance and results until 1965( I will have to look up the stat again)?  And the effects on women did not need to be reported until 2016?!  That means mainstream workout programs have been based on men's uniquenesses, not women's.  

Anyway, I think it's awesome, you'll be hearing more about it.  No, I don't get any kind of kick back, but I'm invested in health freedom and will certainly pass on something that is worthwhile.  Its s$37 right now, by the way,  I'm sure he won't mind me sharing.

Just google Metabolic Renewal, I'm sure you'll find tons of info.


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