Extend Your Life and Be Happier

People need "new" in their lives.

I believe that is fundamental to life.

That doesn't mean that we have to shop continuously, and bring new things into the home all the time, or keep up with the jones', or constantly strive for more, better, different.

When we stay in our comfort zones, creation stagnates, and creation is the GodSource energy. When we stay in our comfort zones, we hinder ourselves from receiving the blessings that change brings, and we don't like change do we? At least, not the change that we can't control!

Not only does it hinder any energetic or metaphysical changes we NEED, but it also creates less BRAIN POWER! What I mean is every experience creates multiple connections between nerve cells, which expands the portions of the brain that we use. The more connection, the more intelligence, the more memory, the less chance of alzheimers and dementia. As we age, these connections are less and less because we are engaging the mind less and less.

One of the biggest killers of our joy and very lives, is consistency. Our souls crave experiences and the longer we live, the more routine we develop, the less spontaneous we are, and the less likely we are to engage in new experiences that can alter our lives in beautiful ways.

"New" is all about having to adapt, be in a different experience, and add something to your life, whether it's "good" or "bad".

But then, we don't like change so we try to control our lives by giving reasons and excuses: we don't have enough time, enough money, enough vacation to take off work, the kids are too old, too young, etc etc.

Well here are some easy ways to avoid all of your reasons and excuses bring change right into your current reality:

Shop at a new grocery store
Try one new food each week
Put on a style of clothing that you would never wear
Or, better yet, have a fashion show at a new store and try on EVERYTHING that you normally wouldn't
Brush your hair with the opposite hand
Be other hand dominant for one day and see what happens
When you towel off after a shower, do it in reverse.

The point is, get out of your rut by getting out of your rut! Do things differently. DON't do them how you always done them.

The mantras you want to avoid are: "But this is how we've always done it." "It's tradition", or "This is the way I'm comfortable."

Comfortable doesn't mean intuitively right. Intuitively right leads us exactly where we need to go and it requires non-stagnation, spontaneity, and bravery.
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