Fear and It's Factors For Our Health

Fear and It's Factors For Our Health

I have a secret.  There's nothing special about what I do when I work with people.  I don't have a unique knowledge or medicine or healing or gifts that others don't have.  When I work with people, I just look to see them.  I see them as they're telling me their symptoms and their anxieties and their struggles in the day.  Their stressors and their pains and what I see is it all boiling down to the concepts inside.  Those little tiny programs that dictate their way of life.  And usually, more often that not, what I see that ends up being the great push for the shift in their health, is I see their fear. 

See, we create great reasons for us to reach out and seek help in getting down to the root of why we are really hurting.  Our symptoms, our problems, and our struggles create fear, which causes us to reach to someone who "knows", to fix or alleviate the fear, which is why true healing has to be so much more than the naming of symptoms.   The fear of the known thing then, once fixed, goes away, but the fear deep within that allowed us to get so scared in the first place still resides.  Understanding this fear and what it says about us is paramount then. To help each other be better, we have to see fear as it is and offer solutions.  

I am convinced that every worry, problem, concern, anger, un-just-ness, and offense actually comes down to fear.  And every solution is solved with a sense of love.  Not a cupid, kind of flitty human love.  I mean source, flow, action from a place of wholeness, purpose, and unity.  A feeling of connection, being, and belongingness.  It is a known fact that acting form a place of wholeness (like when a person feels truly happy) they are better to people around them, because they are not acting from a place of NEED, but from a place of GIVING).

What is often seen in a bustling, quick-decisioned, stressed world as anger, aggression, belligerence...is actually fear.  Anger, and it's more benign forms of irritation and intensity of emotion is actually....defensiveness.  And what are we defending against?  Our fears.  What looks like anger.  What looks like aggression.  Is actually fear.  

Without even realizing it, we become hypervigilant(tense, observant to the wrong things, tight, sore muscles, gritting jaw, and nerves on alert) to what we've created as our comfort around us, instead of being open and carefree (as a small child).  Besides all of the other effects this has on us, can you identify all of the ways this hypervigilance might feel and act in the body?  We can easily see what might be created in a body that acts repeatedly from a state of "fight or flight", and many many individuals today are living from this adrenal exhausted place of constantly being on the ready, prepared for the next stressor and need to flee.   Many illnesses come from the body's survival instincts to flee, hunker down, shut down, rev up, stop processes, speed up processes, etc in order to SURVIVE.  Some examples are allergies, autoimmune disorders, IBS/IBD, and inflammatory diseases.  There are stories upon stories of the links to known fears in each of these examples. 

The body doesn't feel fear, it senses the need to SURVIVE. AND IT WILL ALWAYS DEFEND ITSELF with every action it deems worthy.  It senses this need to survive( and takes action) because of YOUR FEELING of fear.  It then creates what it has been programmed to achieve as the appropriate response.   YOUR fear means it was derived somewhere in your mind, conscious, or subconscious, which is why it is IN THE MIND is as crucial a place for healing, as in the body. 

Why we feel off balance, out of flow, out of sync, with life and in life, is actually just ourselves showing us how scared we really are, our sense of lack.  When we are out of sync, we tend to be rash with decision making, thinking from our most primitive parts of our brain, our limbic systems  (the survival centers).  This leaves out a whole wealth of expanded thinking in which we might've come from.  When we are not feeling fear, we are using a much more enlightened portion of our functioning brains.  When we feel out of sync or off balance, we can't help but to approach life, coming from a place of need (because of fear, we want to quickly get out of a place of discomfort) we tend to our own selfish efforts, putting our own needs first, which is a must if we wish to help anyone else, right?  But what if we did not have that need in the first place?  What if we lived NOT from a place of fear?  What are you scared of, then becomes a great question.  

For dramatic shifts in health, and happiness, work on fear, then, needs to continually happen until it doesn't need to happen anymore.  Faith is the belief and the knowing, out of which love (action) can happen.  What if none of my actions, when making decisions about my health, or anywhere else in life, came from fear?  What if I never needed to defend myself?  What if nobody could put me on the defense?

What would it be like then if I just love(if ONLY a sense of wholeness is involved)?  What would I be like without the fear?

What would we be like?  Most of us would be....happy.  Happy, something we typically strive for by acquiring, by gaining, by working hard and dilligently, and by TRYING.  Happy....all of which in reality we would be if we let go of fear, live in faith, act out of love(wholeness in ourselves and the process).

Let's take a look at fear then.  Fear as a tool.

Fear is a tool to alert us of an impending danger so that we might make the quickest decisions for escape.  The survival instincts kick in, which means there is not much time for thought, only action.  The problem is this innate tool has become a way of life, and the survival actions more repetitive throughout our day.  Actions happen for our own personal survival rather than with thought and focus.  Again, looking beyond all the other directions this course of action can impede our civilization, morality, and interactions with others, consider that effects this style of living has on the body.  Can the heart beat in smooth rhythms?  The lungs with deep cleansing breaths, and full oxygen circulating through the blood system?  What of the nutrients then that that oxygen is to circulate as well?  What of the muscles, designed to be supple and flexible now taut and tearing?  How about the state of the nerves?  What of the balancing hormones that handle stressful situations?  And the glands where these hormones are made?  When a body is poised for SURVIVAL, it is not primed for HEALTH.  Healthy well LIVING and surviving are two very different things.  

This is why healing cannot happen in a state of fear.  It is why the acts and efforts towards healing cannot be fear based.  They have to be faith based.  Hope based.  We have to give people a reason for hope, rather than lists of things they must fear.  When we are in a state of hope, we are in a state of possibility, which is the only state anything new can be created from.  Positioning a person's body in a state of fear only serves against it.   We have to position a person's beliefs in the realm of possibility.

So what are we trying to survive FROM?  There are lots of fears, big and small and we could spend all day listing the known ones.  However, we can see that no matter the fear or how big or small, they all boil down to "not enough".  Not healthy enough, not strong enough, not capable enough, not pretty enough, not profitable enough.  Not enough is another way of saying "low self worth", and "low self value".  You see, I wonder if we saw ourselves for all that we are, and had a faithful sense that we are worthy, despite our perceived flaws, I wonder how that faith and acceptance would change our outward character, and our own physical health, living from a place of allowing and freedom rather than from stress. 

Often when I'm working one on one with client concerning a limiting belief we've uncovered, to heal it we usually create a brainstorm for proof of the opposite of the concept they are carrying.  For example, a  concept that is limiting a person like "I am not cared for", we list all of the ways they see in their life how they ARE cared for.  We are looking for evidence to the contrary of the belief they carry in order to offer a new frame of thought.   

When you create a brainstorm of this concept of fear called "I am enough", and look for evidence for all of the ways "I am enough",  we end up creating a very conscious list of all of the things feared.  By writing how I see myself in my life as enough, it actually ends up being a list of all of the things I have feared NOT being.  Now you have your list of fears to work with to test for truth and accuracy. 

However, it goes even deeper.  When healing this concept of fear, I see this list of all the ways I fear I'm not measuring up, what the need really comes down to is not how "I am enough', but how "I AM".   Instead of (in this exercise and in life in general) saying "I am enough", it only adds the alternative that you are not.  Find the ways that I Am instead.  

With this idea, you go through life not looking for the ways that "I am enough', which is ego (proving).  You go through life looking for the ways that "I am".  Who am I as a person?  How is God living through me?  How am I an expression of that in the ways I act, live and BE?

Now, why does "DrFoodie" write articles like this?  Where do they have a place in physical health, wellbeing, and nourishment principles?  

The answer is this:  you are a macro image of the micro version of the cells inside you.  Their 2 jobs essentially, and they will be healthy, are to take in nourishment, and clean out waste.  The cells mirror your actions, you mirror the cell's actions.  In life you are basically doing the same thing.  In all life you are taking things in:  people, thoughts, beliefs, food, ideas, and hopefully they are of the nourishing sense.  When you are done with things, ideas, concepts, you waste them out.  You delete what doesn't work for you, what you are done with, what you have learned from, what you have grown from and clean it out.  

What is done in the micro is done in the macro, meaning we are all reflections of what is happening on a small or large scale.  You cannot have health externally, in a physical expression, if the cells are not able to perform this nourishment/ waste cycle.  You cannot have physical health without also the nourishing and cleansing of the SELF in all aspects.  Purity comes through this daily cleansing, nourishing, washing cycle, physically yes, but also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, all which make up the healthy functioning of each and every cell.  It is why getting to know thyself is important.  It is what we are here to do, and in that you become a better expression, a LIVING, walking, HEALTHY, breathing expression, of all that is good.  You BECOME life itself, rather than a vessel of illness and disease.  You BECOME life itself.  

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