Find Healthy Tacos on National Taco Day 2018

Find Healthy Tacos on National Taco Day 2018

While we celebrate some interesting occasions, National Taco Day has GOT to be LEGIT!  Who doesn't love tacos!  And while people are googling all over where they may get free deals on tacos at Taco Del Ray, Taco Bell, Taco Johns and elsewhere, I'm telling you, it's SO worth it to try some of these healthy options I'm posting below. 

tacos are some of my fave meal options because they are so easy!  AND they can accomodate a variety of particular taste buds.  It's like a buffet in a shell.  Simply put out a bunch of options to stuff 'em with and everyone's a happy camper.  And they don't just have to be of the mexican flavored variety.  But there's ice cream tacos, breakfast tacos, fish tacos, and more.  Of COURSE it's easy to have vegan or vegetarian tacos, and that's why I love taco night.  EVERYONE can have success in your family by selecting what works for them and doesn't, and yet you're not stuck making 3 separate meals for all the individuals in your family.

People love tacos not just for flavor,  but because they require no utensils.  They are a grab and go food, wrapped up with it's shell being the only "utensil" you need.  They work awesome with our Fresh Fridge Food Formulas plan so they make a quick lunch.  We've even made Fresh Fridge Breakfasts by grabbing a shell, and some cut up fruit or sunbutter and bananas. 

Anyway, in honor of celebrating National taco Day 2018! check out these creative healthy taco ideas and some real food taco recipes below:

1. Vegan Lunch Tacos  

2. Don't want to use corn?  How about black beans?  Black Bean Taco Shells

3. Turn your taco into a soup with our famous Tortilla Soup

4. Breakfast tacos with sunbutter and cut up banana

5. Fruit tacos with coconut yogurt and cut up fruit.  Strawberries, kiwi fruit, pistachios, yum!

6. Corn tortillas with salsa, avocado and black beans

7.  Corn tortillas with Sprouts, avocado and lime

8.  Apple slices, sunbutter, and cinnamon snack tacos

9.  Corn taco shells with hummus, avocado, olives and black beans

10.  Make your own dessert tacos with crispy corn shells stuffed with Almond Dream Ice Cream.  Roll the edges in chocolate or carob chips.


Let us know how creative you get with YOUR tacos!


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