Food - Our Most Illusive Healer

Food - Our Most Illusive Healer

"Where did we go wrong?  Why has the simple idea of nourishing our body become such a state of confusion, bias, stress, and work?  Why has food become such a confusing debate of what is and isn’t good for us?  Why has food become abused and attacked at the very cellular structure of its makeup?  Why has it become a hated adversary for those who disapprove of their body shapes?  Why has it become an aversion instead of an ally for our health?  Why have such poorly made, nutritionally deficient substances been allowed to be considered as food?  When has food become so difficult that is is a source of stress rather than an enjoyable time to be with friends and family?  

Poor food quality, food concepts, and food intake has become an epidemic in our country!  Obesity, heart disease, and diet related illnesses are on the rise with no scope of slowing down.  Without using our food for healing, but continuing to consume synthetic and man made convenience foods, the problem will simply keep the vicious cycle going.

Living, also, in a time where the future is uncertain;  where access to our nourishing plant medicines, homeopathy, vitamins and supplements can be threatened;  where convention dictates where we receive our health care;  where more and more processing and alteration is done creating more and more dead foods;  and where powers of authority make our healthcare decisions for thing remains.   As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.”  As long as we know the functional capacities of food, and make conscious decisions about what we take into our bodies, we have the ability to make the call over the condition of our bodies and its representation of health.  

It has been said, “He who controls the food controls the world.”  And it’s true.  It is one need alongside water, that  if removed, becomes all we would suddenly focus on finding.  It is important that we are making the vote in favor of our health, our freedom and independence everyday, by returning to a state of self-love in order to make good, strong, and healthy decisions over our lives and allowing this self love to manifest self will, self control, and self discipline.  It is important to use these qualities to say no to the conventionally accepted ideas and beliefs about food that are harmful to us.  It is important to use these qualities to say yes to re-learning real food and what it does for our bodies, and how to use it to breed health and clarity of mind.  This gives us knowledge and the power over us is back in our hands.    This gives us independence from powers of authority that can determine the quality of composition of foods available to us, and the types of medicines we receive.  It gives us freedom from negative thought patterns that keep us in a state of not-enough-ness and incompletion, and thus the desire to look outside of ourselves for happiness.  It gives us the wisdom to know which foods to eat when, which herbs and plant medicines are here to fortify our bodies, and which to use to support our bodies natural processes."

-Excerpt from our new book:  "It's Only Food", due to come out in 2018!!!  Pre-orders will be available soon!


In the meantime, keep learning, keep growing in wisdom.

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