Health Insurance Vs. Health ASSURANCE

I was visiting my chiropractor the other day and it astonished me what the Chiropractic Assistant said about our insurance coverage. She said that "when you start feeling better from an injury that brought you in, then coverage for care stops. They don't cover preventative care." In my opinion, this seems just about as backwards as you can get!

As you may have experienced, we can't always rely on our health insurance coverage to be there for what we need.

YOu also may have experienced that healing modalities in the natural realm are NOT covered by insurance. As far as I'm concerned, this is fine, because I believe we are 100% responsible for our wellness and lifestyle and I would rather pay for what's going to keep me well than wait for an illness or injury that will be covered for free. Simply going along with the "insurance mentality" in my opinion, casts your vote that you think the insurance failure is okay.

So I have a solution. At the Natural source, we call it "Health Freedom". It's a plan that offers to committed and dedicated people discounts and additional information to keep them well. We deserve the right to easily and with support make choices in freedom for our health and that of our families.


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