It's all About You!  Part 4 of the Concepting Series

It's all About You! Part 4 of the Concepting Series

It’s all about you!  No, the world doesn't revolve around you, but as far as learning is concerned, your CONCEPTS ARE all about you.  It is all about how YOU perceive the world around you, the concepts YOU believe are true, and what IS creating out into the world you see.  Whoever told you you were right?  It's time to challenge what you've come to believe as REAL and see if it still works for you in the NOW.

Here are some tips:

  • Ask yourself why you have chosen the “habit”, why you are doing what you are choosing to do.  Everything you are doing currently is a HABIT, even if you think it is necessary and or useful routine.  Challenge the way you do things, and ask yourself why you do them.  Ask yourself why you do them at all!  Ask yourself if they really are as necessary as you believe, and according to who?  Is it something you want to keep doing, thinking, saying, believing?


  • Reclaim your power to choose.  Have you gotten stuck in the rut of convention?  Doing things that are BELIEVED to be real?  Have you ever questioned if it truly is something you want in your life?  EVERYTHING can be challenged, especially if you believe that what you are currently doing is the only way to live.  
  • What are you getting by continuing the habit, by continuing to act the way you do?  We complain about how much we have to do, but have we challenged what we are doing?  Everything we do gives us something, whether we believe it or not.  What are you getting(or getting out of) by being ill?  Ask yourself truly.  What are you getting by being martyrously busy?  Ask yourself truly.  Be open to hearing.


  • Be honest with yourself.  Know that you chose this.  Admit that you have chosen to stay in fear and not change because something about it scares or threatens you.  There is always a choice, and it's very easy to stay stuck in a rut, saying we are stuck, don't have the energy, can't make changes.  Bologna!  Your mind is letting you come up with excuses.  And you're letting it!  You don't KNOW things will be worse/better, you haven't tried it yet!  It takes being honest with what you KNOW needs to change, and then trusting the change.


  • Ask yourself why you need to be a victim.  Take responsibility for the habit. A habit that keeps you away from feeling happy and being healthy IS a victim habit.  That's the hardest part to admit.  You can be pitiful or you can be powerful, but you can't be both. 


  • Adopt a new act to replace the old.  Repeat it to yourself whenever the old habit threatens to present itself.  New habits take time, and only YOU can ensure your future is how you want it to be.   There is no place for blame or excuses.  Just learn, grow, and move on. 


  • Take responsibility.  It is not your boss, your kids, your spouse’s fault.  Learn forgiveness, then learn there is no such thing as blame, and that you are still in that situation SO THAT YOU CAN LEARN.  Now, what will you do with it?


  • I say “I THINK I can” instead of “I KNOW I can” because it is all a mental game.  It is in practicing the power of thought, in having control over our thoughts, that give us the power to overcome the continuous bad thought that has given us negative outcomes.

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