Mascara Formula

Mascara Formula

So I'm super excited on what I"ve been working on lately. I have ambitions as a next step in my natural health company to offer additional skin care. I have been working on formulation experiments for healthy skin and cosmeceuticals. Cosmetics are applied onto the "canvas", where cosmeceuticals, once applied, act to remedy and nourish the skin, not just being ornamental.

I have been playing with, and finally love what I"ve come up with as mascara. I can't go into details about the ingredients and formula, other than to know they are simple, basic, and completely free of toxins.

What I love about it is that it truly lives up to it's function. Long eyelashes and applying fake lashes are all the rage right now. These lashes in the pics are all mine. They had been getting quite thin and I wanted longer and thicker ones. These pics are using my formulated mascara to grow longer healthier thicker lashes while also being a cosmetic.

Please understand, I am not a beautician and don't know if I can make claims about my experiments, but in sharing my experiences, I definitely love what's happening.  I"m here to prove how natural living is AWESOME and you can STILL have the life you want!
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