PCOS A Nourishing and Restoring Protocol

PCOS A Nourishing and Restoring Protocol


PCOS is a common problem among women that seek support.  We work with functional wellness which brings balance back to the systems of the body so that the body can do what it knows to do.  It is heavily nutrition related and most women will find they become pregnant quite quickly upon balancing their body’s nourishment.  We also work with a balancing protocol that restores function to sugar handling processes in the body.


As it relates to PCOS, a growing body of evidence points to insulin resistance as a cause of the hormonal disturbances seen in the hypothalamic-pituitary, ovarian axis in patients with PCOS.  Typically the hormonal profile in PCOS shows increased gonadotropin-releasing hormone FSH (resulting in increased LH/FSH ratio) elevated testosterone, and elevated insulin.

I generally don't agree with the fad of the keto diet except for a few points that they have right.  Being able to eat some very unhealthy ingredients all for the sake of the fat doesn't make sense to me  Or, can't eat potatoes, but you can drink diet pops.  These kind of common sense things need to alter for the keto to be a HEALTHY helpful healing diet. 

But the things that they do have right are eliminating bread grain and cereal carbs which we eat far too much of and is a huge factor in the insulin resistance that can be a factor in PCOS. Plus I believe in the second important factor which is eating healthy fats we definitely do not get good healthy fats. The keto diet would be fine as long as one’s  not engaging in eating the unhealthy foods that go with it, for a time, while they are learning a healthier nourishing diet plan that's sustainable for life. 

Of utmost importance is a gluten/wheat free diet.  A wheat free diet is not hard if you just call it a gluten-free diet, everywhere you go there's restaurants and pizza that offer gluten-free options. Basically the diet consists of a very Back To Nature kind of diet consisting of:

Good Quality Meats ,

beans ,

nuts and nut Butters

,seeds and Seed Butters,



and good healthy fats like avocados nuts and healthy oils.

You can also go to my online toolkit drfoodie.live. click on the food functions Tab and it will teach you a better nourishment principal plus there's lots and lots of recipes that follow the foods that I just laid out .

It is such a common pervasive concern and it's so frustrating that so many couples suffer with this when it really is heavily nourishment related. drfoodie.live helps me teach proper nourishment so definitely make use of the resources that are on there

Working with clients individually, we use a balancing protocol combination of  supplements that support healthy endocrine, thyroid, give good fats, and keep hormones balanced.  Once back in balance the supplements would not be necessary for life.  The key is to restore the body to normal function, then fuel it with properly nourishing foods, regularly and repeatedly.

Daily diet would be something sustainable nourishing, including....

My ultimate breakfast smoothie

Lunch would be lots of vegetation.  Big salad, broth based soups, veggie only casseroles.  Or plain healthy meat with 2 sides of vegetables. Raw vegetables, raw salads are important

Supper would be side of meat or protein and 2 sides of vegetables.

Snacks would be veg, fruit, nuts, treats made with gluten free flour, or paleo recipes.  

I would highly recommend making us of DrFoodie’s RESULTS transformation program as it walks you through week by week, and day by day meals for 12 weeks (roughly about the amount of time of one cyclical hormonal season).

Weight management and aerobic exercise should be top priorities.  Aerobic forms of exercise are seen as effective means of lowering insulin resistance.

Women with PCOS should avoid intake of caffeine, as drinking coffee increases blood sugar levels significantly.  The greatest increase in glucose levels occurs 2-3 hours after caffeine ingestion. Cigarette smoking also should be avoided as it has been shown to worsen insulin resistance.  

In conclusion, the TWO Steps to take get started immediately: 

  1. Begin a balanced wheat/gluten free diet
2.  Begin your RESULTS Transformation program here
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