Plant Based Dieting Moves to the Number One Therapy for Health

Plant Based Dieting Moves to the Number One Therapy for Health

Everyone knows that when you want to be successful at something, it takes a committment to the decision, and it's basically a learn as you go process  When you start moving towards more of a plant based eating style, which is what our bodies are made for, and ideally 75-90% of our meal plate should be plant based, it helps to have all the help you can get to be successful.  

When looking for resources to share, I discovered plant based blogger  Shannon at and am in love with her easy straightforward compassionate way of helping others to eat healthy and be successful at it.

I love how these infographics are super easy to follow.  Once you have the basics stocked and around in your kitchen, it's way easier to know, okay THIS is what I have available to me.  Now what can I do with it?

plant based vegan shopping list

plant based shopping list

That's great to know what's available to you, but what if you have those FAVORITE recipes that you just don't know how to convert?

animal product substitutions for baking

And,  recipe blog could be a great resource for you too as he is fantastic at converting traditional foods into plant based foods.

Whether you are vegan, practicing vegan, vegetarian, whatever the hooopla your title is doesn't matter, when it comes to your health, it's clear and evidential that adding more plant based foods to your diet improves health in many ways.  Besides reducing acidity of the body, balancing ph, increasing oxygenation, movement of nutrients and toxins, better elimination, reducing inflammation, toning and smoothing muscles, nourishing cells, reducing the speed of aging, increasing healing....

Get the idea?

Keep checking out recipes for more ideas

If you're hungry, go crush these Chickpea Burgers.  So Tasty!

And if you want to learn more about healthy balance in your diet, learn the Law of Nourishment.  Our Doable Law of Nourishment FlipChart can easily help with that.  Here's how to use it.

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