Podcast:  The New Autoimmune Speak

Podcast: The New Autoimmune Speak

 Everyone knows, probably by now, MANY people who suffer from autoimmune, IBD, food allergies, sensitivities, etc.  This episode talks about my great passion Autoimmune Immunology. 

I'm sharing my research and my methods of resolution from research gathered over 15 years.  It's time for us to see Autoimmune with new eyes, so that we can truly create plans for resolution.

In this episode we talk about stress and the cellular stress response that acts like a defense, and what self care can do for that.  Let's look at self care differently too, listen to find out.  

I mention some of the components in our program in this episode, that set it apart from typical leaky gut pathogenesis and start instituting suggestions to create "salutogenesis"  (the study of what causes HEALTH).  If leaky gut were the end all, we'd have resolved this issue by now. 

Here's the website I mentioned for our research and resolution site with the free ebook download.

Here's the Dr. Joe Dispenze meditation I mention in the episode.

What's causing your health today?  See you soon,


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