The Biggest Reason You WON'T Read My New Book.   I KNOW What It Is, So  I DARE YOU To Pick It UP Anyway!

The Biggest Reason You WON'T Read My New Book. I KNOW What It Is, So I DARE YOU To Pick It UP Anyway!

I am not ignorant to one of the BIGGEST reasons people are turned off from books like my new one launching soon, "Clean Your Plate".  Do you know what it is?

While I assume the people that read this book are those that WANT to change their diet, their health, their life.  However, the information in this book, I believe, makes up the TEXTBOOK to what we should be teaching in school.  

The interesting thing is that it is a book that WILL IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, and the FUNNY thing is the number of people that push against it!  If it's going to improve our health and lives, it would seem to be a no-brainer that everyone should have it on their shelves, right?  But here is the reason why they won't put it there...

You're afraid I'm going to put your food behind bars.  Being scared...of what I might say you CAN'T have, and in essence to put YOU behind bars; to be told you are "less than", "not measuring up", or "a failure". 

See?  We've already identified ONE of the common limiting beliefs that could be keeping you from health and the life of your dreams.  I know how to help break that.  The information I've included is only truth for you to work with, nothing more.  This concept is only one of the many that will be discussed in the sister book, "Beyond the Plate", but before you can dive into it, you need to understand the basics "Clean Your Plate" offers.  Once you do, you'll see how easy it is to want to move forward, without the limiting beliefs preventing your success.

It is interesting to me the lengths people will go to to keep what they enjoy, even if it potentially is the factor that is preventing perfect health, but usually people will do nothing unless they see negative consequences.  Usually people won't pick a book about conscious health change unless they are already facing devastation of health.

I'm trying to prevent that place.  The best part of this book is it DOESN'T tell you you can't eat certain things.  But it DOES tell you how to eat in understanding of how your body and the food works together so that you can eat it in safety of your body. 


"It is important that we are making the vote in favor of our health, our freedom and independence every day, by returning to a state of self-love in order to make good, strong, and healthy decisions over our lives, to say yes to re-learning real food and what it does for our bodies, and how to use it to breed health and clarity of mind.  This gives us knowledge and the power over us is back in our hands. This gives us independence from powers of authority that can determine the quality of composition of foods available to us, and the types of medicines we receive. It gives us freedom from negative thought patterns that keep us in a state of not-enough-ness and incompletion, and thus the desire to look outside of ourselves for happiness.  It gives us the wisdom to know which foods to eat when, which herbs and plant medicines are here to fortify our bodies, and which to use to support our bodies natural processes."

It's not to tell you cannot eat and enjoy, but it tells you HOW to.

I DARE you to pick it up and find out for yourself. 


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