The Heart/Creator Fraction of Personality

The Heart/Creator Fraction of Personality

The Heart/CreatorPersonality
The Heart Fraction of Separation

This is the very imaginative, yes, can be very emotional personality. Because they are extremely passionate. Extremely in love, come from love, and they can’t understand why anyone or anything should happen in the world that ISN’T straight from love. They are spiritually inclined, spiritually elevated, and typically higher vibrational. They cannot comprehend life from a lower perspective, though they have compassion towards it. They have to; they are living, walking breathing love. They are creative and connective. They can be hard to deal with because of the intense emotions, but they are just trying to understand and calibrate themselves. Their emotions will never be because of the surface thing that happened, but because of “what it means” or what they PERCEIVE it to mean, as well, but they are usually right in their perceptions because they are highly intuitive. They will believe and follow, even if they don’t know they are, universal laws like the Law of Attraction. They believe in the power of thoughts and words. The Heart Creator is very similar to the Good Girl/Boy because they share in common that they recognize they come from love and they want everybody to be happy. Where they differ is that the Good Girl/Boy will more often tend to carry the “victim” somber emotional state, whereas the Heart will tend to be more positive generally, and look for solutions. They carry many similar traits, but this is the ONE major difference that will set them apart. It’s all in the vibration of their aura and presentation that others generally can feel better than the personality themselves, as it is felt in the Heart Creator’s outward expression. Both personalities attract people around them but a Good Girl/Boy will pull in and shut down when needed, a Heart will keep pushing through.

Physically - They are typically REALLY beautiful people, especially beautiful children. With their minds right, completely connected, and meditative, they won’t fall prey to typical illnesses. However, their illnesses will be more of the mind until they learn how to control their mind. That said, it will mostly be structural, muscular problems and that of the immune system and heart. It is as if they energy of what they feel really does manifest itself out in front of them.

Work and Money -
They will most likely be healers, counselors or educators in one way shape or form, as spirituality of what they do has to play a part. Truly they could live without money at all. The importance of what they do, and their passion is more worthy to them. They are very “can do” and make great business entrepeneurs as they can pretty much create anything in their own way. They want to create something, and then show others how to reach the same happiness. In fact, they are delighted to do so, never thinking of competition, almost to a detriment to themselves, but truth and love win out every time. They will see the good in all people, all situations. Though sometimes can be fatalistic because intuitively they are accurately perceiving what can/will happen down the road.

Raising the Heart Child -
They will always be the one that is giving, nurturing, giving gifts, hugs, kisses, and talking with people. They need earth elements and grounding to keep a stable foot on the foundation of life, though if they spend too much time there, it will be emotionally draining, for you and them, and quite damaging. It is not hard for them to always be around the bad that is inevitably present in the world. They are typically beautiful children, but care must be taken not to exploit this as it won’t mesh with their soul and heart.

Common Concepts of the Heart Personality-
Something’s wrong with me
Judgement (of self more than others)
Image of the self

What are the Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality?


The Concept Pathology Fractions of Personalities are fractions of the whole that portray themselves in separation (in individual beings). They are the dominant conceptual conditioning that regulate a person’s acceptance of beliefs and thought systems.  These beliefs are the constructs that subliminally direct our actions, and behaviors, thus creating our life.

While most people will have a single dominant personality, it is possible that over time and as they grow and change that they may adopt other fractions of personality.  Generally, however, they will retain the same basic personality throughout their life. It is ultimately the goal to reintegrate into one wholeness.


Over my years in practice as a natural health practitioner, I have come to recognize patterns of particular behaviors and grouped them into common headings that it seemed my clients were falling into and identified 6 typical conceptual pattern groupings most people fit into.


While anyone can attach to any concept, each of the  particular personalities are more likely to absorb, accept, and adhere to certain types of concepts.  These make up the particulars of each personality group.


For example:  The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality is more likely to accept concepts about self worth, value,  and confidence.

The Liver Personality is more likely to have difficulty with words they perceive harshly, and will adopt more concepts about being good enough.


You can see the slight variations.  But knowing the personalities will help you help yourself better, understand why you think the way you do, and decide if you want to retain those concepts.  It will help you understand your natural purpose, why you do the things you do and what the tendencies for your health will be.


These are:

The Good Girl/Good Boy Personality

The Liver Personality

The Chameleon Personality

The Digestive Personality

The Heart Personality

The Mucosal Personality


Courses to benefit the Heart Personality -
Relaxing and breathing into
I am worthy
Image of the self
Expectations Exercise
Changing victimization
Adaptation to changing circumstances
Self love

This is an article describing this particular fraction of personalty, based on the theory of Concept Pathology Fractions of Personality.

It includes a description, what they're good at, what the shadow sides are, what is indicated as good work situations for this personality, their views on money, how this personality affects their health, typical physical complaints and how best to approach their health, how to raise a child with this personality, common faulty concepts, and the conceptual studies that will benefit them.

This information is used to become aware of a tendency and patterns, and that way make informed decisions.

To find out which Fraction of Personality you most resemble, take our free quiz.

Use our Fractions of Personality Course to learn more about this and other Fractions of Personality and how their understanding may benefit your life, including:

Physical appearance

Best practices in healing

Working with this personality

Exercises for this personality

Raising a child with this personality

Propensities of the body for this particular personality

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