What Did I Do Wrong?  The Experience of the "Brace Myself" Concept

What Did I Do Wrong? The Experience of the "Brace Myself" Concept

Here's a common concept people are subconsciously operating off of (meaning they don't realize they are doing it).  Yet, it can most definitely be the core reason for many unhappy manifestations in their life.  Changing the idea of this concept can eliminate forever multiple other faulty and limiting concepts.  

If you remember, a concept is any thought, idea, or belief.  

Conceptology is the understanding of how these concepts play out in life.  There are 5 common Conceptual Personalities, and while we may shift from time to time, we will ultimately identify more with one over the others.  Each has their own concepts that they are more likely to accept.  

Concept Therapy is working with faulty concepts.

Concept Pathology is understanding how concepts can be causative factors in the manifestations of the body's physical expressions of illness, symptoms, and disease.  

Situations, events and experiences work to shape our concepts, and often times we accept concepts without realizing we have received the suggestion.  It is only years later that we can see that there is a damaging thought pattern, and then we attend to the seemingly difficult task of searching for where things went "wrong".  We must identify the faulty concepts that we accepted.

Being aware of the concepts our cells have been programmed to live out is the largest step in healing faulty concepts, so that we can drop them, and choose others that work in our favor.

A few times this week has a similar concept repeated itself among my clients, and that is a concept we'll call "Brace Myself".  

In both cases, were the adults victims of a verbal or physical abuse by a parent.  Now, you don't have to have been abused to have this or any concept, it just happens to be what was playing out in these two individuals' lives.


Let's look at the Conceptology of this particular core concept:

With the understanding as a child against an erratic parent, there is the fearful thought of "being bad", and the shaky thought of "I don't know what I did wrong!"  As a child, it's natural to learn how to behave based on making an action, and the watching the response according to the adults around you.  It's very difficult to gauge and adjust their behavior according to an erratic adult, and forever the child, and then the adult, works to see what it is they need to do to "be pleasing".    In one paragraph, naming one situation, we have identified at least three more secondary faulty concepts that don't work to play out health and happiness for a person.  Think about how this may play out in the adult years.  Perhaps the person develops self worth problems because they were trained to feel "bad", or that they were "bad people".  What may happen with their potential career if they lack the confidence and are constantly second guessing their decisions, gauging other people's reactions rather than acting off of a sense of confident wisdom about their skillls.

What might this person's relationships look like if the learned message playing out is "brace myself".  If you are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, how will a partner ever be good enough?  How will the partner feel accepted and loved?  How will the individual be able to love with trust and openness if they are constantly waiting for the bad that could be coming.  

How well will this person know themselves if they have been trained to "be pleasing"?  If one is "pleasing", how do they ever discover WHO they are and WHAT they are good at?


Let's look at the Concept Pathology behind this particular Brace Myself concept:

Let's identify what the body physiologically feels like if it is "bracing itself".  Without a sense of trust, the body's muscles may be taut and tense, with a rigid posture, ready for attack.  The stomach may be tight and not digest well if it is in a pattern of stress.  This indicates digestive disturbances as well as possible adrenal or thyroid stress.  There may be a sense of breathlessness and anxiety, waiting for the worst to happen, constantly ready to defend oneself, and the constant wondering of if you are going to get attacked.  This constant cycle may lead to a feeling of helplessness and ultimately depression.


How to Recognize it:

You may notice someone who is constantly on the go, run run run.  They may stand defensively, or with their arms crossed as if physically warding themselves.  They may be verbally confrontational, and will either get very defensive when they perceive they are being told they are no good, or they may shrink away entirely.  They may be overly ambitious, seemingly to be out to prove themselves.  They may be argumentative and sometimes difficult.  They are not long in relationships, or if they are, it is very submissively.  They seem to have a distrust in general, constantly questioning someone's motives and not giving over to trust easily.  While these are some generalizations, they can be helpful in identifying someone who has been living off of this particular faulty concept.


Breaking The Cycle

The person carrying a "brace myself" concept can rewrite the script of the situations that brought the secondary concepts  of "being bad" and "I don't know what I did wrong" to an empowering new memory.  

They can change the concept and subliminal message of "brace myself" to one of empowerment, that works TOWARDS a person's healthy happy life, rather than the cycle of which we just identified.  The new concept should be anything the person resonates with.  Examples may be, "I am safe",  "Go Forward", "All is well in my world",  " I am just as I am supposed to be", or others that make sense for the person.

Relationships can be repaired, and job situations can improve with the identification of the faulty "brace myself" concept as new, relaxed and trusting concepts are brought  into the habit of the mind.  

The trick is to NOT identify with this or ANY concept as yourself.  Do not claim ANY label, simply let your concept awareness be a tool, a guide, that puts you back on path.  DO NOT ALLOW a faulty concept to be an excuse not to be your best self.  Concept awareness is just so that you can change the subliminal messages your cells receive.  To continue to accept them is YOU now abusing yourself.


For getting started improving your own situations, download the Help Me application.  Of course, you can always request help.

More is written daily on the science of Conceptology, Concept Pathology and exercises to change them, so visit drfoodie.live daily to identify more concepts and change them in your life.

As always, if this has been helpful for you, or you know someone it would help, please share.  

Final note:  What about you?  Have you recognized the "Brace Myself' concept in yourself or someone you know?  How did you see it playing out?



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