What if WHAT We Eat Is Not The Only Problem?  Why HOW We Eat Matters

What if WHAT We Eat Is Not The Only Problem? Why HOW We Eat Matters

As we discuss the particulars of what to do for physical body health, like supplements, exercises, and what to eat, understand there is an energy to all you do.  As we read in the beginning of this book, everything is energy, and even the best food and supplement can be harmful if perceived with the wrong concepts and eating in low vibrational ways.  

For example: eating while angry. Not only does it hinder the actual process of physical digestion, but it psychologically puts a negative spin on the food we eat. It is just as important to pay attention to HOW you eat as to WHAT you eat. As is everything, there is always a “psyche” going on behind the thing we perceive as reality, and it is no different with food.  Whatever the “problem” may be, it is just an opportunity to identify concepts that are hidden within you.

A lot of the problems that we have stem from HOW we eat as well as WHAT. And a lot of THESE problems stem from the concepts we chose based on our experiences as children. Since food is essential to life, it makes up a large factor in our belief concepts and how we see ourselves.  How you perceive your body shape/size, your health, the foods you choose to eat, largely come from how food was presented to you during family meal times. The following passage discusses the psychology of food, so that you can apply it to your own life, seeing where you might have picked up food concepts that are affecting your health today.


As a mainstay to our very existence, and practiced multiply throughout the day, our concepts over food direct the course of our very lives.  Because it is vital to our body to function and live, the concepts we have about food shape every part of us and our choices.

Think about it:   Perhaps a woman is physically constructed larger than her other siblings. She may not even be fat but the fact that she has heard people say how small her sisters are has not fallen on deaf ears.  If this woman adopts this concept and deems herself to be fat, she has a concept of herself to be fat, she has a concept about what it means to be fat, she has a concept of what fat is, she has a judgment over herself and others, she has a concept over what it means if she is fat.  

These concepts add up to shape her choices and direction in her life. Because she believes herself to be fat, perhaps she believes herself to be ugly, and carries herself with low self esteem. This might make her decide against going for a promotion at work because she doesn't believe in herself.  It might make her back off instead of ask out the man she is interested in because she doesn't feel worthy. It might make her avoid getting a membership at a gym because she doesn't see herself as healthy and because she isn't worthy, she would not be successful anyway.Because of all this, there is no ambition to eat healthy foods because she doesn't see the point.  Add also that because she does not believe in herself, she uses food as
comfort for her so the choices she is making in food don't serve a healthy concept, but serve one that keeps her from improvement.  Nothing will change for her until she changes those basic concepts she has about herself.

It's definite.  Our BELIEFS about our food can make just as big a difference as WHAT we put into our mouths. 


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