What the State of Struggle is Telling You

What the State of Struggle is Telling You

I can't tell you what percentage of the people I am working with these days are NOT dealing with anxiety or feelings of depression of some shape or kind.  Even if they don't amount to those mountains, the amount of STRUGGLE people are bringing as the sole reason they are attending a session with me is pretty consistent across the board.

What this tells me, is that if STRUGGLE is this common, there must be something to it.  Either our world is "going to hell in a handbasket" and we're all going down or there's something else.  Believing as I do that we are always expanding, that consciousness and life are ALWAYS expanding, I know that it is not the latter option.  You can't subscribe to the "everything happens for a reason" mantra without also believing in the former.  

Everyone is in some state of struggle at some time or another and multiply, multiply throughout their lives.  And what we all need to understand is this:

1.  The struggle is real.  Understand that everyone is always growing.  That people are in struggle that you have no idea about.  So be kind.  We've heard that before, let's move on as I build up to the greatest understanding about struggle.

2.  Struggle brings with it what we often call "negative emotion", emotion we don't want to feel.  In reality, there is no such thing as negative emotion.  Emotion is there for us to use as a TOOL.  The emotion is there to warn you that you are not on par.  You are not in alignment with your highest self.  You are not engaged in who you want to be.  Emotion is there as a guidance system to point this out to you.  Would you ask for  a bandaid to cover your finger just in case you burn it?  If the stove is hot, you want to feel the burn.  It's a warning that you are touching something harmful.  Your sense of touch warns you about it before it gets worse.  Emotions are like that.  They start small with a niggle or irritation, and the more your mind gets wrapped up around it, the larger the emotions get until they've reached a raging inferno of anger, despair, desperation, hatred, etc.  Checked at their introduction, you can more easily see the warning lights before they are allowed to unfoil in ways that may bring unhappy consequences.  It is important to know it is not about STOPPING the emotion, but BEING AWARE of it.  By being aware of it, you can ask what the emotion is telling you, rather than allowing it to enrage you and get into the blame game.  Remember, emotion is not pointing out someone else's "flaws" it is there to help YOU.  If you're feeling ANYTHING that you would rather not feel, bless that you CAN feel it and then ask WHY you feel the way you do.  Where is it coming from?  And what does it say about YOU?

3.  And FINALLY the BEST thing about struggle is this:  If you are in a place of struggle, this means that you have MOVED BEYOND any place that you have already been.  You've already grown beyong and  you are now moved into new territory.  Know what this means?  That you are expanding.  That you are growing.  And that is a good thing.  It means that you are experiencing new things.  And with experiencing new uncomfortable things ALSO comes new wonderful things.  If you are moving into new territory, it means there are a ton of new things that you have yet to experience.  It's like a whole new world!  Time to get excited and anticipatory about what it is you might encounter and go into it with gratefulness and childlike wonder that you are not STUCK and staying the same.  This is the place where you get to be all that you can be.  This is the place where new wonderful relationships happen, where leaps and bounds in business can happen.  Where exciting things can happen.  Where all the things that you have been WISHING for can take place.  So remember, if you feel like you are in STRUGGLE and that you are STUCK, it's just that you haven't learned enough yet with where you are, or that you are afraid of change and you are holding on to what is ready to let go, and that you really are not stuck.   It's time to look with wonder at what can be created here and now. 


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