Why Do I Crave Sugar? When It's NOT Candida, and 4 Things You Can Do Right Now

Why Do I Crave Sugar? When It's NOT Candida, and 4 Things You Can Do Right Now

"Why do I crave sugar," she said.  "I NEVER have craved sugar.  I've never been one who absolutely has to have sugar."

She didn't have the typical symptoms of candida like bloating, itchy ears, constipation, eczema, fuzzy brain, etc. 

She WAS suffering from extreme fatigue, showed imbalance in adrenal strength, and her MD had test after test for thyroid and hormones, without much result. 

In actuality she came to me for life coaching because she was tired of feeling so sick and tired, stressed and didn't want to do her work, a to do list a mile long, and she just felt like she was running a race she was never going to win. 

When the body is stressed, it's not thinking about digesting food.  It's thinking of running from the tiger.  If a tiger's chasing you, and you pass a blueberry bush, you're not going to stop and eat the blueberries.   Even if you did, your body is not thinking of the processes of digestion, it's in a stressed state and giving fuel for exiting the situation, not for digesting and nourishing the body.  She was running from a tiger that didn't exist, but her stressed life had her body perceiving it did. 

The interesting thing about this is that with chronic stress a person is going to eventually stop and eat the blueberries even though they feel stressed.  Most likely the body will not optimally be processing nutrients, particularly the heavier, denser nutrients like zinc, iron and B vitamins, all of which are necessary for the electrical functioning of the body.  If the body cannot get proper fuel it needs, sugar is a quick simple source that doesn't take much to digest, especially if it's a simpler chain sugar to break down.  Especially if it's in liquid form like sodas and sugary beverages.  For a quick burst of time, the body is fed SOMETHING that gives it energy and fuel to go on, but it did NOT give it nourishment. 

The body needs smooth relaxed muscles, time, and effort to break down powerful neurologically nourishing nutrients like zinc and iron.  Once nourished effectively, the body can feel the nourishment, leaving out cravings like sugar. 

One of the number one tools on your belt every day to improve your health is your food intake.  A large part of this is the thought and time you give this.  Here are three simple keys to improve digestion and thus nourishment that you can do RIGHT NOW:

1.  Choose enzyme rich foods.  These are neurologically supportive for every function of the body.  These are raw fruits and vegetables.  It is my belief that the body can not live and function successfully and without disease if nourished with less than 70% vegetation intake.  Check out  my book, "Clean Your Plate" to understand more.

2.  Don't use a microwave, canned foods, or boil your vegetables to mush.  This kills those enzymes you just chose through your enzyme rich foods.  

3.  Take time and chew your food.  We believe we're so BUSY in life that we don't understand the importance of allowing time for our food to do it's work.  Enzyme action starts in the mouth with the salivary glands.  It is thus important that not only you eat enzyme rich foods, but that once they are in your mouth, you give them time to BE in your mouth, mixing with the enzymes the salivary glands produce. 

4.  Lastly, if there is a feeling of chronic stress or fatigue about life, its time to do some HARD CORE examining of your current choices(yes they are choices, even when you perceive you are up against a wall) and creating a plan for action, or at the very least changing some perceptions until you can.  Conceptology can be a huge help with this.  I might suggest the article "5 Things to do RIGHT NOW To Find Your Purpose"


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