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7 People ONLY

What do you want healing in? 
Want Me To Personally Help You Get Results,

Learn To Feel Better, and Improve Your Life, THIS YEAR?

Less than 1% of Americans will qualify for this private invitation, which begins with a free strategy call with me. 

In fact, out of over 100,000 readers, I can only accept 7.  


Because, if you’re chosen, I’m going to work with you one-on-one to transform your perception of the experiences of your life and well-being. 

Yes, this includes helping you understand how you feel, what you want, and what you feel is stopping you.  

But, it also includes transforming every dimension of your life into a highly successful and joyful one. 

For instance, here’s what you can look forward to...

  • - I wrote over 26 books on self help and healing and I can help you with a strategy for yours too.

  • - I’ve provided consulting to major businesses and individuals intent on improving performance and minimizing time off, with happier, more productive employees. 
  • I've worked with hundreds of clients suffering with diagnoses of IBS, IBD, Colitis, Diabetes, and more

  • -I've helped hundreds of men and women lose weight - without even trying!  Just by simply following functional foods and lifestyle changes that brought more happiness.
  • I've helped clients all over the world improve their performance and experience of health in their lives, simply by teaching function, Food FX, Nourishment Principles, and Concepting 
  • Not only that, but I've helped these individuals take the miracles of their experiences and CREATE BUSINESSES teaching others!

And, here are some of the kind notes these individuals have sent me... 


"I had to tell you the good news!  My husband's cholesterol is down 35 points and back to normal!"  -K.K.  4-28-18


"I had to let you know I did what you said Friday night.  When I awoke on Saturday - no more swollen eyelids!  The itching and burning were gone and the red, flaky skin is almost gone.  It's such a relief to have relief after MONTHS of misery!   -J.J. on 4-30-18


A Moon Cycle Migraine clients says, "It was amazing, you know that I noticed that during the 2 weeks since I talked to you last, I followed everything you told me.  I did not have a single migraine!!  This is truly a miracle for me."  - S.W.  on 3-27-18


"Thank you Amanda, I have been following your recommendations and taking my supplements. I am coming up on one week since my appointment, and though I have a long ways to go, I honestly feel better now than I have in months.  Thank you so much for everything."  - N.B. on 3-27-18


"I wanted to let you know about ****'s latest doctor reports.  He had a CT of his lungs this week and there was no new growth.  He also went to the doctor who performed the biopsy and he has healed very well from that surgery.  The doctor said there is less than 5% chance of any reoccurrence.  PSA levels(prostate) went down into the normal range.  Thank you again for your expertise.  You are very well informed and presented this with kindness and care."  - S.M.


The bottom line is, if you’d like to be one of the 7 people who I personally work with to transform your well-being and perceive miracles in your own life for what they really are - opportunities for growth - , read the full details below… 

Now Accepting Applications

Before I go any further, please know that I don’t care about the current state,


What I care about is your DESIRE.

How badly do you want to heal and heal so well that you possible even want to help others? 

If you’re an individual who has the burning desire to change yourself and change the world, then please continue reading.

If not, this may not be the opportunity for you.  

You see, the first thing you and I are going to do is get on a phone call.

This call is 100% free. It will last about 30 minutes and I value my time and yours.

During this call, we'll decide what your needs and goals are (mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, occupationally)and if I'm the right one to help you.

I’ll reveal to you the strategies and tactics I’ve personally used that took my own health into a whole new dimension, and created a living out of compassion to share.

At the end of this call, one of two things will happen:

  1. 1. You’ll get tremendous value. You should be able to get started from what I share with you during our 30-minute call. You and I will go our separate ways and you’ll implement the support strategies I’ve given you.

  2. You’ll ask to join my coaching program. If I believe you’re a good fit, we’ll work together one-on-one towards the desired results.

It’s really that simple.

There are no gimmicks. I don’t have time to waste these days.

The fact is, the phone call allows me to help you by giving you free valuable information… while at the same time, screening people to find the best candidates to work with one-on-one.

Not only will we work on YOU, but if you are one of the Next Generation of Healers who has the passion, drive, and interest to learn to share your personal "miracle', you have the opportunity to use your coaching to turn your experience into a profitable business, changing the world for everyone!  If YOU are experiencing something, I GUARANTEE others are having similar experiences that need the particular twist that YOU might be able to educate them with. 


My one on one and group coaching comes in 2 platforms:

1.  One on one individual coaching where you will receive weekly emails and checkins with me for 6 weeks to implement the program.  $1497

2.  Group instruction and coaching with like minded and similar situation people where you will receive weekly emails and checkins for the 6 weeks to learn and implement the programs as well as weekly Q and A sessions.  $1297

It Won't Cost You A Penny.

But, guess what?

No matter what platform you’re interested in and no matter what coaching program you qualify for (if any), it shouldn’t cost you a penny.


Because I'm confident that after our phone call, you will also feel confident in what I can offer you.  If not, there is absolutely no obligation to work with me ever again.

After all, not only do I help others, but I continue to do this myself every day.

You and I know there are plenty of posers out there who say they’re consultants and coaches but they’ve never made a dime in their own business.

But, I've got the knowledge and experience to back it up. Here is a short list of what I’ve done and the experience and knowledge you will benefit from, if we work together…  

  • Successful practice of natural health for over 12 years
  •  PhD in Philosophy of Natural Medicine, New Eden School, 2018.

    * Doctorate in Clinical Natural Medicine/Naturopathy, New Eden School, 2017  [New Eden School exceeds WHO(the World Health Organization) standards]

    * Diploma in Hair, Tissue, Skin, Mineral Analysis, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2017

    * Diploma in Biochemical Nutrition, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2017

    * Became Certified as a Natural Health Practitioner in 2007

    * Trained and Certified as an EDS/MSAS Technician in 2007

    * Owner/Operator of the Natural Source Clinics, Success Conditioning  Academy, and

    * Instructor, Trainer, Speaker, Entrepeneurial Educator

    * Community Wellness Initiative Promoter and Teen Youth Advocate

    * Conceptology and Concept Pathology Trainer

    * Author of over 26 books in the areas of Concept Therapy, Concept Patholgogy, Nutritional Psychology, Self Help, Growth and Transformation, and Success Conditioning

    * Bachelor's Degree in Applied Psychology/Counseling and Education from SCSU, MN, 1998.

So, how in the world was I able to heal myself from Colitis, Crohns, Thyroid and hormonal disorders and Steroid Induced Myopathy that left me in a wheelchair, 88 pounds, AND needing to re-learn to walk?


I’ll share this with you during our phone call.


There is one more thing…


Because I have young kids, and I’m active in my community, and I run my professional businesses…


I’m very strict about who I do this free phone call with and who I’ll accept into my coaching program.

The Following is Not Allowed

  • - Anyone who’s involved with a business that includes pornography, alcohol or  tobacco,  a mission of entrapment, or has poor intentions towards others and their will to heal.
  • Anyone who is only calling to push the motives of their networking or MLM business.  No soliciting please.
  • - Anyone who is rude or treats others poorly.
  • - Anyone who doesn’t work hard.
  • Anyone who is not willing to be open to new ideas or determined to think negatively.


To see if you qualify, here’s what to do right now:

Fill out the application below.

Once I get your application, I’ll reach out to set up a time for our phone call.

Please prepare ahead of time for this call and come with lots of questions to ask me.

There is a $100 refundable application fee. This helps me weed out people who want to waste my time.


After our phone call, this $100 will be refunded to you whether we work together or not.


Fill out the application below to set up the transformational phone call and to see if you might be a good fit for one-on-one coaching. 

Time Is Of The Essence

To help as many dedicated people as possible, I only work with 7 people at a time. Not one person more.


I reserve the right to take this page down at any moment and do not guarantee these free phone calls will be around next week.


1. Cut and paste these questions into an email back to me at

 A.  How would you describe what you are currently dealing with?

B.  What do you personally see is "to blame" for this?

C.  What are your personal goals looking ahead and going forward?

D.  Have you worked with anyone in the past to resolve this?  Who?  When?  And what were the results?

E.  How badly do you want to see change in your life?

F.  What are your passions, interests?

G.  Any experiences you would share as interesting in your life thus far?

H.  Do you currently own a business?

I.  What is your current work situation?

Email your answers to Once we receive your email, we will invoice you for your $100 refundable deposit.  Once the deposit is received, we will contact you for a phone time. Good luck!  We'll talk soon!