Collection: My Miracle Method Masterclass

Anyone can transform themselves and produce better health and joy of life.  

What you learn in the next 6 weeks could literally change your life!

That's because I've pulled from the best of the best resources to bring you a complete package of transformation on multiple dimensions that you can apply IMMEDIATELY.

And what you learn here, you won't find anywhere else.  

You had the experiences in your life for a reason.  Good or bad, they were a gift specifically for YOU.

Now, the powerful book, "My Miracle Method" has been turned into a masterclass, employing NOT ONLY YOUR EXPERIENCES, but education from multiple other resources to pull together into a POWERFUL opportunity for self growth and transformation, with the power to bring healing in any and all dimensions of your life.

This masterclass includes study from the following:

Module 1.  Success Conditioning Academy Textbooks and Resources:

You can be conditioned for success in all areas of your life: relationships, career, family, finance, etc.! Each person is taught that success in any endeavor is already a part of them and ultimately theirs to own if they so choose, they just don’t realize it yet! The Generative Awareness Theory taught in class is best defined as a “snowball” effect. Once the ball begins to roll down the hill, it only continues to grow, becoming larger and faster, and is unable to cease until it reaches its destination. In other words, the “light at the end of the tunnel” only grows bigger as the individual continues to move towards it. Potential is only realized when we are given a chance to prove it through our day to day experiences. Once we are aware, we realize that that potential was always there! We were capable of that achievement all along, we just had to take that first step. Before long those steps turn into a jog, which turns into a sprint, and every step from that point on must be one that moves the individual closer to the “end of the tunnel”. Before you know it, you are standing in the light, looking back and saying, “I was always here, I was always capable of this!”

Module 2.  Clean Your Plate 

The 4 Steps to Boldly Create Health Freedom With Food!

Warning! this book contains free healing inside!

This is one of the most important books you’ll ever read. In a world where it can often seem that much is beyond our control, and many authorities make decisions for us, food and what we put into our bodies still is our choice. Food and our approach to it is HEALING! you don't need another person to tell you to eat more fruits and vegetables we already know that. But this book has many methods to fill you with ideas on how to fill yourself with the appropriate fuel for your body.
No matter where you are in your life right now, we do have one thing in common: we want to be better. You want to improve your SELF and your expression out into and experience of this world. Whether you are overweight, underweight, struggling with disease, or perfectly healthy, we all eat. We all are bombarded with the same messages and innuendos about what is acceptable , conventional, and “normal”, despite the fact that we KNOW the Standard American Diet is severely lacking, and extremely highly disease promoting. We KNOW something must be done, but EVERYONE ELSE eats anything they want, why shouldn’t we, right? Wrong. It’s not true. Behind every smiling face is a struggle you know nothing about. And it makes no sense to try to figure it out, just to understand EVERY person has a struggle you know NOTHING about. How can any one person judge what is right or wrong? We ALL want to be better. Work on YOU. Be a better, stronger, healthier YOU with what makes sense to and for you. I believe we want to be free from an imprisonment of disease and poor health. I believe we want to have the say over the expression of our bodies, but in a world where profit often wins, we are misinformed and what is NOT WORKING in order to have a healthy body has become what’s “normal”. 
We were born with an innate desire to matter, to make a difference, the least of all to ourselves and to our families. We were born with an innate desire to be healthy and happy. When others set the stage, we still get to decide in which to take part. It is said whoever controls the food controls the world. We believe this to be true. If you want to take your health into your own hands, then it’s time to learn about food, unlearn conventionalism, instead accepting what is true, real, and what really works. 
As an author, speaker, trainer, and natural health practitioner and coach, my work is focused on helping people take all 8 Dimensions of their life and bring as much fulfillment and happiness as possible. I believe that when we better ourselves, we better our entire world, AND that it is ESSENTIAL that we do this. It is NECESSARY for each of us to discover our Greatness Within and spread it out into the world. I believe you absolutely MUST fuel your body with REAL NOURISHMENT if you want ANY of these dimensions of your life to be successful. You MUST fuel your body with what it was made to function with for EVERY kind of health, including physically, emotionally and mentally. The body needs the right fuel. Just as you wouldn’t fuel a diesel engine with 87 Octane, the body has specific fueling needs also. The problem is we all KNOW this, at least intellectually, but DOING it is another thing! Also, we don’t have a clear understanding WHY our bodies need certain foods, just that we’re told what to eat and what not to eat without a clear understanding of why. I believe that as evolving human beings we don’t WANT to be told what to do anymore. We are WELL BEYOND the ineffectual dictatorial and authoritative approaches. We don’t just “do as I say” anymore. I believe evolved human beings WANT to know facts and truth so they can make decisions for themselves. 
This book will give a truthful account of the science behind our food, what functions foods play in our bodies what makes up a “food”, and how to use food effectively so that you , rather than the current status quo, can make effective choices about what you want your health outcome to be. 
I wrote this book as a partner book to a joint venture book I wrote with my psychic medium friend, Jurema Silva in order to illustrate effectively that the physical understanding of proper nourishment (the how to) is part of the equation. The second part is WHY doing it is so hard and what we can do about it (the concepts behind why we eat the way we do). I feel there are two parts to this venture in empowering your free will and choice for health. This book contains the education to physically do that. Its partner book, “Beyond the Plate”, discusses the second huge and equally important aspect: your RELATIONSHIP with food. You will see some of the same information covered in both books as the basic understanding of food is important to the relevance of the application. 
In every food choice we make, we are casting our vote, sending the message to the powers that decide the outcome. Every time we buy that canned, bagged or boxed processed food, we are turning over the authority to the providers of those products, choosing the fate of our health, possibly by accepting the will of false propaganda, and giving away our power to choose.
For those whom are already suffering the effects of disease, food is FREE HEALING! Why wouldn’t we employ the nourishing and medicinal benefits of the food properties, ESPECIALLY if we understand which functional foods to eat!? I fully believe food is our natural way to an existence void of health complications. I fully believe food is our key to enjoying life and healing many of our chronic complaints including even depression and anxiety, two areas of which are more and more frequently being diagnosed and medicated. 
We have put the power of our lives and our health in the hands of decision makers that have often put the interest of profit and success as their greatest motive ahead of the interest, health, and safety of the people. No matter what those decisions have been, however, it is still up to US to make the choice. No one can go stomping their muddy boots around in your healthy life unless you let them. It’s time to gain control over our most powerful deciding factor: our food.
It is my mission to help people out of personal health imprisonment brought on by confusion and misinformation and into a life of health freedom naturally induced by a lifestyle of good dieting. 
Please understand, this book is not written with the focus on any particular disease and is not a substitute for medical advice. This is merely a source of information for you and should be used as a cohesive effort alongside what your particular body needs. 
Also, this book is for all styles of eaters. It doesn’t “take away” but balances your current efforts so health can be had by all. When you feel like you just don’t know where to turn, who to believe, or what to listen to, we return to a state of origination; a basic state of simply understanding the purpose of food, what food is, and how its function in our bodies has the ability to create the health freedom we desire. When we are OUR best, everyone and everything else will benefit, truly changing the whole world, not the least of which, yours. 

Module 3.  My Miracle Method

When I was in the wheelchair, and then the year after where I was re-learning to walk, people questioned me if I was feeling depressed.

They'd say things like, "Man, that's ROUGH!  I'd feel so depressed!"  You know, about losing the use of my legs, about losing my dignity, about needing to make the decision to move to a wheelchair friendly home, to change much of my lifestyle, my relationships, my social opportunities with friends, intimacy.....the list goes on and on.

But, truly, I didn't feel depressed.  Not THEN.  It was after.  A year passed, then another, and I said, if I was going to go through something SO painful, something GREAT should have come from this!  If my life was spared, it should have been for some great purpose, right?  

And yet, that purpose wasn't "presenting itself".  

Until, FINALLY, I heard a little God-voice in my head that said, "Hey, I gave you the experiences, YOU are deciding what to do with them!"

It made complete sense!  I decided to open up and share what I had learned about myself, the illness and situation, and what others could learn from it.  I learned so much, it was a joy to grow in myself, and then to also share this growth with others.  

The BEST part, I was able to begin making a living off of the new knowledge and growth I experienced!

I FULLY believe we all have the experiences we do for a reason!

Sometimes, we just need someone to help us pull the thread and put them together and see what they mean for us and the next part of our lives, and possibly how they are meant to be of service to our lives and others.  

My Miracle Method helps people to pull this thread and examine the MIRACLEs in their own life, so that you grow from them, and to identify why they were presented in your life and what you can decide to do with them for the benefit of others!

I offer personal coaching and work with individuals EVERY DAY sharing miracles and creating the good in them out into the world.  I also help people turn their experiences and interests into profitable businesses.  This is what I do ALL THE TIME, so that we can benefit the world, AND live lives we love!

You can get started with this simple book I put together.

In this game changing book, I share things like...

* My proven method to pull together the threads of your life

* Identifying your miracles

* The killer strategies you can use to profit from the information you learned through your experiences.

* The single most important thing you must do once you have a sellable product, before you promote it

* Why you don't want to hire a book rep, a PR firm, or an agent and how this is a crucial mistake that could cost you thousands.

And much much more. 


Module 4.  I Am Success

Discover and remember the codes that bring success for all desires you wish to manifest. Following universal law, this book teaches principles, manifestation, and self growth towards a life you can be proud of.

Learn the possibility training of life flow visioning, finding your greatness, and claiming the success intended for you.

Learn how to image, affirm and daily habits to make daily plans towards you success.

Learn to believe in yourself and the possibilities that you WERE MADE FOR!


Module 5.  The Genesis Code

It is true that there is a direction that guides us, a code inside each human that directs our health and wellbeing, our actions, our destiny. But what is this code? Where does it come from? How did it get there? And what does it contain? Can we unearth this code? And if so, how? You are “coded” to bring about the exact results you have determined to be true. And because YOU have determined it, you can learn from the code’s infinite lessons, you can decipher the code that has been made evident in the life around you and you can even re-script the “code” to bring about the exact life, the exact human experience in which you will thrive and find joy and fulfillment.

This is the exact text that was transcribed to Soulvay over a period of only three days, directed from Creative Source God.  It contains divine explanation and instructions for living.

Module 6.  The Healer, the Healed, and the Healing

 The Definitive guide to the Concept Pathology Technique, releasing the programming of the cells that are displaying a negative incarnation of symptomatology, improving health and life of the individual.

Enjoy the workshop from the comfort of your home and gain understanding and practice in how to perform the technique.

Learn how to release the conceptual cellular programming that subconsciously is involved in your everyday habits.  


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