Collection: My Miracle Method Training

Anyone can transform themselves and produce better health and joy of life.  

You had the experiences in your life for a reason.  Good or bad, they were a gift specifically for YOU.

When I was in the wheelchair, and then the year after where I was re-learning to walk, people questioned me if I was feeling depressed.

They'd say things like, "Man, that's ROUGH!  I'd feel so depressed!"  You know, about losing the use of my legs, about losing my dignity, about needing to make the decision to move to a wheelchair friendly home, to change much of my lifestyle, my relationships, my social opportunities with friends, intimacy.....the list goes on and on.

But, truly, I didn't feel depressed.  Not THEN.  It was after.  A year passed, then another, and I said, if I was going to go through something SO painful, something GREAT should have come from this!  If my life was spared, it should have been for some great purpose, right?  

And yet, that purpose wasn't "presenting itself".  

Until, FINALLY, I heard a little God-voice in my head that said, "Hey, I gave you the experiences, YOU are deciding what to do with them!"

It made complete sense!  I decided to open up and share what I had learned about myself, the illness and situation, and what others could learn from it.  I learned so much, it was a joy to grow in myself, and then to also share this growth with others.  

The BEST part, I was able to begin making a living off of the new knowledge and growth I experienced!

I FULLY believe we all have the experiences we do for a reason!  My Miracle Method Training was born. 

Sometimes, we just need someone to help us pull the thread and put them together and see what they mean for us and the next part of our lives, and possibly how they are meant to be of service to our lives and others.  

My Miracle Method helps people to pull this thread and examine the MIRACLEs in their own life, so that you grow from them, and to identify why they were presented in your life and what you can decide to do with them for the benefit of others!

I offer personal coaching and work with individuals EVERY DAY sharing miracles and creating the good in them out into the world.  I also help people turn their experiences and interests into profitable businesses.  This is what I do ALL THE TIME, so that we can benefit the world, AND live lives we love!

You can get started with this simple book I put together.

In this game changing book, I share things like...

* My proven method to pull together the threads of your life

* Identifying your miracles

* The killer strategies you can use to profit from the information you learned through your experiences.

* The single most important thing you must do once you have a sellable product, before you promote it

* Why you don't want to hire a book rep, a PR firm, or an agent and how this is a crucial mistake that could cost you thousands.

And much much more. 


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