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Beyond the Plate Softcover Book

Beyond the Plate Softcover Book

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Forget fad diets and biased dietary opinion. The number one key value in diet is not which fad you are currently following,but your RELATIONSHIP, which includes your habits as well as why you think the way you do about your food. It is critical that our clients, past, present and future, ourselves, and the world, to share some light on the basic ideas, concepts, and belief patterns we identified surrounding our negative programming, medicine, and food. To get back to the simplicity of nourishment and the enjoyment of its preparation and consumption again. To begin a RELATIONSHIP with something for which without we would not have a life at all. Learn to create a working partnership with food when you look “Beyond the Plate”.


Amanda E. Soulvay Plevell, PhD, CNHP is a Natural Health Practitioner and Wellness Advocate and Educator, Entrepeneur, and a most popularly followed Intuitive Life Coach, Self and Business Trainer and Program Developer. She is a recognized authority on Concept Pathology, the psychology of nourishment, and their effects on healing. Author of over 28 natural health and self development books, Amanda is well sought after in the arenas of education, wellness and health, and business development. Her bestselling books include such titles as " The Success Conditioning Work it Out Book", "The Genesis Code", "I Am Success", "The Energy of Divorce", "The Real Heal: The Genesis Code"and “Clean Your Plate”.


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Jurema Silva is a naturally gifted psychic/medium, spiritual counselor, inspirational speaker and guided energy healer practitioner. She grew up experiencing and learning a variety of ancient healing techniques in her native country, Brazil.
Nearly thirty years ago, she brought to the U.S. her original spiritual abilities, resulting in a captivating and effective healing approach. Her charisma and contagious energy make her one of the most outstanding psychics in the U.S.


She can be reached at Follow her on Facebook.

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