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Metabolic Syndrome Management: A Natural Understanding E Book

Metabolic Syndrome Management: A Natural Understanding E Book

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Metabolic Syndrome is one of those conditions that is getting major coverage as of late. It certainly wasn’t a disease that was getting much notice in the past, as it is seemingly obvious that this is a relatively new condition. If it is a new condition, then it is pointedly obvious that there is a change in lifestyle that must be looked at. Something in the last 50 years has changed to cause the influx of those with the condition called Metabolic Syndrome.
One thing to be clear on: it is a CONDITION, not a disease. Meaning, in and of itself, it is not a pathology all of it’s own. Instead, it is a CLUSTER of conditions; A COMBINATION of symptoms that, when added together, is worthy enough to receive this title.

This E Book directs one's attention to the restoration and re-balancing of the body afflicted with Metabolic Syndrome back to one of health and balance.  The book discusses natural diet, nutraceutical supplementation, herbs and plant medicines, as well as the Concept Pathology roots that could be underlying causative factors, and ways to get help.

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