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The Healer, the Healed, and the Healng: The Concept Pathology Technique

The Healer, the Healed, and the Healng: The Concept Pathology Technique

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Concept Pathology is the study and understanding of imbalanced or failing systems of the body due to potential causative factors such as energy blockages, hindering thought processes, and imbalanced ideas, thoughts, or beliefs. Basically, what's in the mind is what is creating the body. Amanda Plevell's approach allows a truly HOLISTIC approach into all areas of a life experienced by the client. A variety of methods for restoration of wellness, joy, happiness, and pure and true health are used.THE CONCEPT PATHOLOGY TECHNIQUE
It is not uncommon to have symptoms that go unexplained.
In fact, it is a common and ever increasing concern, particularly among those ill in which physical care has been the only attempt at healing the condition.

THE CONCEPT PATHOLOGY TECHNIQUE understands that anything can be perceived by the body as an intolerant energy to the body. It does not have to represent itself on physical marker tests as the body is not merely a physical being. THE CONCEPT PATHOLOGY TECHNIQUE understands that the concepts that we carry have a heavy influence on our burden of balance.

Our bodies are merely a vessel built to perform functions that the body carries out. These functions are like that of the “space” action when you hit the space bar on the computer. This coding for every function in the body is stored in every cell of the body, which makes up every tissue, fiber and fluid in the body. While this is physical in nature, this coding is taken in through and affects every other level of the body: mental, emotional, spiritual, and other.

This coding of every cell starts even before conception, but at the very idea within the parents’ minds of the possibility, the thought, and even the intention of creating a baby. Truly, it really can start back to the beginning of all life with the first single spark, and follows humanity through all creation and evolutions.

The coding of all things are stored in our cells directing their every action performed outside of and without the help of the conscious mind. Every thought, emotion, feeling, idea, and concept and belief is held in the code of the cells. Every action, behavior, incident, situation, and everything that was learned through them is stored in this code. The DNA and genetic makeup is stored. Everything that was within mom and dad at conception is stored. Every energy that went into this creation is stored. Then as the new being ages and evolves through life, every thing that happens on a moment to moment, daily basis is stored as new directions. However, the new directions, the new codes don’t “replace” the old code, unless effort is made for the old code to be absolved, to be deleted, to be negated. Since this was all a subconscious act to begin with, the conscious mind cannot begin to fathom that this is necessary, nor how to go about it. Instead, the conscious mind gets involved with trying to “solve” whatever reason came up for the old code to be absolved, and instead of breaking the energy of the code (cutting off electricity to it) the very act of “thinking” on it creates new synapses, new nerve patterns, new cellular codes and the old code still is not broken, in fact with all of the new pathways these synapses created, there is more “highway” for the codes to travel.

This is where people experience not only a non-healing or non-restoration of balance, but a worsening of symptoms with no apparent diagnosis. In these cases, where healing efforts have been ineffectual, it's time to employ a technique to break the code that is giving direction to the cells.

It is the Premise of the CONCEPT PATHOLOGY TECHNIQUE to review the code no matter what the source to restore balance to the body systems.

Your practitioner will help you to identify what on the inside could be promoting poor health on the outside through a series of sessions.

Note: Concept Pathology should not replace the necessity of medical care. It is for educational purposes only.
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