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UnBound: Raw and Real Plans to Kick Anxiety From Your Bucket List 9 Wk Course

UnBound: Raw and Real Plans to Kick Anxiety From Your Bucket List 9 Wk Course

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Raw and Real Plans To Kick Anxiety From Your Bucket List
9 Week Email Course


The worst part about anxiety is knowing that you're meant for more knowing that you have something great inside you and you just can't quite reach it for some reason....

Anxiety has a way of keeping from you your dream life, rich with abundance and your perfect career that you've been dreaming about since you were little....

It keeps you from gatherings in groups and community...

It keeps you from your perfect health and joy and that awesome confidence that just seems too push you through life a little easier....

It keeps you from being the parent you want to be it keeps you from strong, sexy secure relationships. ..

The worst thing that keeps you from though are that free-spirited fun spontaneous life that's ripe with adventures that crazy laughing fun that makes you feel like you're alive..

And that might be the worst of what WE feel but the worst part is the impact that it has on everybody else and the world because it keeps us from making a difference in this world!

Sound about right?

This program is absolutely necessary to rewrite these wrongs and bring about balance so that you can bring yourself out into the world and be you satisfied happy and confident!

Just imagine the world filled with people who knew what they were about! Let's make it that way!

With this course, we've got nine weeks together but that doesn't mean your learning stops after that this is just a guideline of framework to keep you on the right track.

Just because you’ve  gotten enough track does not mean you have completely fallen off the wagon. The good news is….it's all still in you …..and I can't wait to help you bring it out!

The 9 week course is sent to your email weekly with a link to the course.

Here's what we'll go over...

Living Life 101:  For the Stressed and Anxious

Unscheduling: Re-writing Time For Overwhelmed and Overburdened

Time Outs for Adults:  Otherwise Known As:  Time Off That Matters

KonMari your Chaos:  And Create Your Bucket List LIfe

Your Body, Your Temple:  How to Stage it for Success

Rockin Awesome Relationships:  Who Knew It Could Be LIke THIS?!

Free Spirited Crazy Laughing Fun

From Nazi Mom to Ninja Mamacita - For Moms That Love Too Hard

It's a Whole New World:  Yours and the Planet's


Each week is everything you would get through in person sessions displayed on a platform where you can learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.  You can refer back to the sessions and exercises again and again. 

Here's what you get:

  • The strategies I use in every face to face appointment now compiled into a program anyone can use.
  • An e-book copy of the  book: “UnBound: Raw and Real Plans to Kick Anxiety From Your Bucket List”
  • 9 follow along weekly lessons broken down into workable segments
  • Live demonstrations of the exercises in the book
  • Real life stories, situations, examples, and their outcomes so you can apply the methods to your life
  • Additional strategy exercises to learn how to remove the obstacles and employ the ideas that make personal change
  • VIP Access to ALL the strategy exercises PLUS more, exclusive to our members
  • Periodic blog articles to keep you moving forward addressing every day issues
  • Exercises that challenge limiting concepts you may have attached to
  • Learning a daily customized planner and calendar system to manage overwhelm and supercharge action towards your REAL bucket list
  • A new way of thinking so you can:


    • be happier
    • hate your life less
    • feel more purposeful
    • be a better mom/dad
    • be a better spouse
    • be in control over your life
    • take the driver's seat IN your life
    • have more positive experiences
    • be better, happier, more productive, and more abundant at work
    • have more joy

The course is  9 weeks for $297 total (in comparison to 9 in person sessions for $60 each equaling $540).  The lessons have video content as well as text and exercises. Commitment to the program is necessary for success.  

How do I register?  Once you add to cart and pay for your sessions, you will receive your first email immediately, so you can start as soon as possible. 


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