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Weekly Meal Planning Subscription

Weekly Meal Planning Subscription

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Your Weekly Done For You Meal Plan each week will contain:
*  a PDF printable beautiful weekly meal plan that runs from Monday to Sunday
*  nutritionally calculated and created by Clinical Nutritionists
*  healthy, functional, nutrient dense meals and snacks
* anti-inflammatory
* gluten-free
* dairy- free
* 1500 approximate kcals figured per day
* meets the nationally recognized standard for appropriate sodium intake
* complete grocery list

* only $4 weekly!


Your First Done For You Kit is instantly sent to your inbox when you complete the 2 step process!

Step 1:  Add to cart and set up our recurring $4 subscription

Step 2:  Watch for the download that gets you to the link to enter the email where you'd like to receive your Done-For-You plans!

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