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Weight Rebalancing - Health Gain/Fat Loss

Weight Rebalancing - Health Gain/Fat Loss

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When it come to losing weight, it's helpful to take a holistic approach in which the concepts of the very pathology of weight gain presents itself.   In this program we switch the "losing" to a health focused concept in which health is gained and fat is lost.

This collective course contains all of the Metabolic Syndrome information, as well as concepting that creates an unhealthy weight.  It allows you to examine your belief sets and the possible root reflections so you can shift your cellular programming.  

This set includes a meal plan schedule, tips on nutrition, and an image of the self to manifest your health and who you want to be.

The BEST part, as a free bonus, this set comes with DrFoodie's "Nutrition and Wellness" Powerpoint.  This allows you to host your OWN support group of health for group members you join together to support each other.  AND, it is the exact powerpoint for the video series on DrFoodie's Youtube channel, so that you can easily follow along over the course of 10 weeks.  It's like having a trainer and support crew in your pocket!  (Except, of course, they won't fit there, because your jeans will be too small!)

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